Beaudry: Jeweler to the Stars


He’s adorned Hollywood beauties like Beyonce Knowles, Katherine Heigl, Hayden Panettiere and "Gossip Girl’"s own bling queen Michelle Trachtenberg – just to name a semi-precious few!


We sat down with jeweler to the stars Michael Beaudry and his wife Laura for their take on the latest trends and a platinum perspective on the world of glamorous gemstones!




Pretty in Pink


According to the Beaudry’s, one of the hottest trends in engagement rings right now are fancy pink diamonds, which are also the rarest and without question, the most in demand. Hues range from purplish pink to a vibrant orangey pink. So where do the stones come from? All the way from the Argyle mine in Australia!


Cuts and Settings


Michael revealed another trend is a growing interest in the pear shaped, heart shaped or Asscher cut (a square emerald cut) diamonds. Why? "They offer a sophisticated alternative to the traditional cuts, like the round brilliant." The cushion cut, although a more classic style, is still in high demand as well.



Dazed & Confused!


What advice do Laura and Michael have for overwhelmed couples that simply don’t know where to begin looking for a ring?  Good, old-fashioned research! "Read bridal and fashion magazines to help determine which aesthetic most appeals to you, then follow up with online research of the particular brands you are interested in, and finally, consult with your local trusted jeweler."  




Safe Diamonds


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar-nominated movie ‘Blood Diamond’ raised the awareness and importance of purchasing conflict-free, safe diamonds.  "Safe diamonds are obtained through the Kimberly Process," Michael explained. "This is a process which ensures that diamonds come from conflict-free sources and that the trade of diamonds does not fund violence. All Beaudry diamonds have Kimberly Certificates."


 Band of Brothers


What type of wedding band do you get for the guy who doesn’t even like jewelry?  Laura’s advisement: Look for more masculine, squared edges, milgrain edges or hand engraving, some of the more popular trends for men in the last several years.  Just for the jewel-weary guy, Beaudry offers classic style gents bands with clean lines, smooth edges and polished surfaces.












Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:11 am
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