Beautiful Wedding Cakes


Beautiful wedding cakes:

Beautiful wedding cakes are one of the focal points of every wedding reception. Often as stunning to look at as they are to eat, beautiful wedding cakes may be gone by the time the party is over, but they live on in photographs - in fact, the only thing featured in more pictures of wedding celebrations than the cake is the wedding dress. So it's only natural that couples give a lot of thought to how to create beautiful wedding cakes that reflect their personal style and that their guests will remember long after the last piece is eaten.


Beautiful wedding cakes - trendy or classic?

There are no set rules when it comes to designing and constructing beautiful wedding cakes. Trendy and brightly-colored cakes in fanciful shapes may be all the rage at some times, and some of them are remarkable to behold - but when it comes to truly beautiful wedding cakes, simplicity and elegance will always stand the test of time. Sometimes less really is more, and simply-decorated beautiful wedding cakes will blend in with any wedding décor. (They also will probably be less expensive than heavily decorated cakes, which take much more time and labor-intensive effort, adding considerably to the cake's price.)

Beautiful wedding cakes can be enhanced with well-chosen decorations and wedding cake toppers. Some couples design their wedding cakes to go along with the bridal party colors or theme they've chosen for their wedding reception. One dramatic way to display beautiful wedding cakes is to place them on a pedestal stand on top of a mirror, which adds height and also sets off the cake to be admired from every angle.

Wedding receptions have featured beautiful wedding cakes shaped like castles, bouquets of flowers, even the Taj Mahal - but the most traditional wedding cake shape is round layers, either stacked or tiered. This classic style can be decorated in many different ways, and with careful finishing touches, those layers are transformed into such beautiful wedding cakes sometimes it seems a shame to cut into them!

Rolled fondant icing, which has been used in Europe and Australia for many years but is a comparatively recent arrival in the US, is being used more and more commonly to create elegant and beautiful wedding cakes. Rolled fondant is a combination of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin that's placed in one large piece over individual cake layers like a pie crust, then trimmed and decorated. It creates a smooth surface that's a blank canvas on which to add simple or spectacular decorations - often made from fondant as well, since it can be easily rolled, stretched and shaped - for eye-popping beautiful wedding cakes.

Flowers, either fresh or sugary confections created by the pastry chef, are popular features of beautiful wedding cakes. Fresh flowers cascading down the side of a cake is a particularly striking image - but when couples want to use fresh flowers to adorn beautiful weddings cake, they must make sure that any flowers that touch the wedding cake are toxin-free and also free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


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