Best Honeymoons


Planning a honeymoon can be overwhelming; the expectations are high to ensure that your getaway measures up to the romance and adventure you've been dreaming of. As you start to plan your honeymoon, consider the following to make sure that you have the best honeymoon possible.


Best Honeymoons: Plan Early


Start researching possible destinations early. If you're looking at popular hotels and resorts, you'll want to book your honeymoon six months in advance. By starting early, you'll have the time to compare deals and offers and find the best honeymoon package or plan for you as a couple.


Best Honeymoons: Choose a Theme and Narrow It Down

Don't rush into booking the first honeymoon package you encounter. Take the time to establish what it is that you and your fiancé want to experience. By starting with a theme, such a secluded beach getaway, a chic metropolitan escape, or a wilderness adventure, you can start to narrow down destinations and specific locations. You might even be surprised with where you end up.


Best Honeymoons: Consult Others

When starting to plan your honeymoon, get recommendations from well-traveled (or recently wed) friends and family members. Consider their experiences as your research. Participate in online communities and seek out recent brides who are willing to give testimonials about their honeymoons. Learn as much as you can from the mistakes and triumphs of others.

Consult with a travel planner. Some travel agencies specialize in honeymoon travel and will have access to some of the best travel deals and all-inclusive packages. If you're flexible about destination, an agent may be able to present ideas you hadn't considered.


Best Honeymoons: Budget

Money can be a huge source of stress during the wedding and honeymoon planning experience. Set a realistic budget, compare packages, and keep track of expenses. Set money aside for splurging on romantic dinners for two or spa days by the beach. By pre-planning honeymoon indulgences, you won't have to debate over the extras. Know what you're prepared to spend and splurge accordingly; you don't want to return from the honeymoon with unexpected debt.


Best Honeymoons: Stay Healthy

A honeymoon should be romantic and relaxing; spending your honeymoon ill is not part of the plan. Look into vaccinations needed and do enough research to know what to look for and what to avoid when visiting a foreign country. Some countries advise that you don't even brush your teeth with tap water; the more you know, the better your chances of having a happy, healthy wedding.


Best Honeymoons: Prepare

If there are specific experiences or activities you want to participate in on your honeymoon, consider giving them a try while you're still at home. You'll be one step ahead if you're already comfortable in scuba gear, hiking in the mountains, or salsa dancing the night away. This might also help eliminate some options; if you discover underwater activity causes you to panic, the sooner you know the better. And if you're planning an adventure honeymoon, hit the gym before you go to make sure you're in good shape and ready to tackle new terrain.

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