Black and White Wedding Cakes


Black and White Wedding Cakes:

Black and white wedding cakes are an obvious choice for couples having a black and white wedding - but they're becoming very popular with other couples as well, since black and white wedding cakes blend in with either formal or casual settings and are a way to add instant elegance to any wedding reception.


 Black and white wedding cakes - to fondant or not?

The sophisticated appearance of black and white wedding cakes can be achieved in a number of ways. Each layer can be frosted in a different color - with alternating flavors of cake layers as well. Couples often frost all the layers in white and then use black decorations when designing black and white wedding cakes. Striking black frosting ribbons can go around the bottom of each cake layer, or swags might be draped from top to bottom. Hearts, dots and pearls or fanciful scrollwork or textured black patterns can be applied with rolled fondant icing to cover part of the white surface of black and white wedding cakes.


Black and white wedding cakes have caught on in popularity since rolled fondant - a combination of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin that's placed over the cake like a pie crust and creates a smooth, semi-hard finish - has become more commonly used in American cake decorating, with stacked layers often used instead of traditional tiers. Dramatic black and white wedding cakes can also be fashioned with tiered cakes and buttercream frosting.


Another reason many couples select black and white wedding cakes is because they can be adapted to just about any wedding color scheme. Some couples decide on black and white wedding cakes with no additional colors, while others add flourishes featuring the color palette they've chosen for the event. A carefully-chosen splash of color in accent decorations makes a terrific contrast when set against the sharp monochromes of black and white wedding cakes. 


Even if the wedding doesn't feature a specific color palette, using one contrast color - in bakery-created or store bought decorations or fresh flowers - with black and white wedding cakes can create a spectacular look. Red roses or another vibrantly-colored flower can be used to decorate the cake or cake table. Silver-toned crystal-encrusted cake toppers can further enhance the elegance of black and white wedding cakes.


When other colors are used on black and white wedding cakes, it's important not to overdo the add-ons. A few simple, well-coordinated colored decorations or one bold color statement work best on black and white wedding cakes - keep in mind that accent colors are meant to complement the main shades, not overwhelm them.


 Black and white wedding cakes - some fun ideas

A unique way of decorating black and white wedding cakes is to showcase black and white photographs around the cake layers. The photos can be airbrushed onto the cake or transferred onto pieces of rolled fondant or white chocolate and then applied to the sides of the cake. Baby pictures and/or engagement portraits of the bride and groom and shots of the wedding party or immediate family can be displayed on stacked or tiered black and white wedding cakes. This design works best with square or geometrically-shaped layers and is a terrific way to personalize black and white wedding cakes.

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