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Bridal Shower Cake Ideas


Bridal Shower Cake Ideas:

Bridal shower cakes are often the centerpiece of the celebration. Bridal shower cakes can be fashioned as mini-versions of tiered wedding cakes or nicely decorated sheet or round layer cakes. There really are no set-in-stone rules about bridal shower cakes, which gives the hostess a lot of flexibility. Of course, however bridal shower cakes are designed, the most important thing to remember is that they should taste as good as they look!

When bridal showers have themes, bridal shower cakes should incorporate elements of the themes into the cake decorations. Alternately, bridal shower cakes can have conventional shower designs like hearts, umbrellas and/or bells or be frosted in colors to match the wedding palette.

Check out local bakeries and supermarkets for ideas about bridal shower cakes. Experienced home bakers can turn out terrific bridal shower cakes, but when planning a shower, it's often easier to order one from a professional bakery. Sheet cakes - a popular choice for bridal shower cakes - can be made or ordered in a variety of flavors and fillings, but don't think too far outside the (cake) box when it comes to flavors, as you want to make sure that all the guests will enjoy the cake.

The size of bridal shower cakes is determined based on how many guests are attending the event and the other food being served. At showers where a full meal is offered, bridal shower cakes can be a bit smaller than at showers serving lighter fare. A half-sheet (measuring about 11" x 15") is a good size for many bridal shower cakes, as that's large enough to feed about three dozen guests ... and there's plenty of room on the top for all sorts of shower-related decorations!


 Bridal shower cake ideas - photo love!

An excellent idea for bridal shower cakes is to have photographs transferred onto the top of the cake. This type of bridal shower cake won't need a lot of additional decorating. Many bakeries now have special scanners that can recreate photos on the icing of the top layer of bridal shower cakes. Select a picture of the couple, a collage of views of the bride-to-be or photos of family and friends attending the shower.

While bridal shower cakes are a necessary part of the celebration, it's not necessary for the hostess to spend an excessive amount of her shower budget on the cake. Bridal shower cakes have to be big enough to serve all the guests, but other than that, it's up to the hostess to decide the look and design of the cake. Homemade bridal shower cakes that are coordinated with the wedding palette can be very economical, and cupcakes - which can be decorated in a rainbow of colors - are a terrific alternative to bridal shower cakes.

In addition to delicious tasting bridal shower cakes, another clever option is to create a bridal shower towel cake. These fun and functional assemblies of different-sized towels, made to resemble tiered wedding cakes, are particularly appropriate at linen-themed showers. offers instructions for make-your-own towel cakes that can be put together and displayed as bridal shower cakes - then given as a gift to the bride-to-be ... or maybe even put to use cleaning up afterwards!

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Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:51 pm
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