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Bridal Shower Games: Bride Trivia


Guests at bridal showers often have one thing in common: an appreciation of the bride (or of her soon-to-be spouse). Use this to your advantage when hosting a bridal shower and include fun bride-related-trivia activities at the event. Keep the spotlight on the bride-to-be and the fun little details surrounding her impending marriage and the fun times will follow.


Bridal Shower Game Trivia: Who Knows the Bride Best?

Before the shower, have the bride-to-be answer a list of questions about herself. These questions can be both general details about her life ("What is the bride's favorite restaurant?") and more wedding-specific ones ("Where did the bride and groom go on their first date?").  At the bridal shower, give each guest the same list of questions to answer about the bride. Keep it interactive by having guests shout out answers when it's time to take up the answers. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.


Bridal Shower Game Trivia: Does the Bride Know the Groom?

This game is similar to the above "Who Knows the Bride Best?" game, but with a twist. Write a list of questions about the bride and groom and their relationship.  (For example, "If the groom were a piece of fruit, what would he be?" Or, "When and where was the couple's first kiss?") This time, before the shower, have the groom answer the questions. At the shower, read the questions aloud and let each guest guess how many questions the bride will get right. Then let the bride attempt to match her fiancé's answers. For fun, give her a Hershey's kiss for every right answer and reward the guest who correctly guessed how many questions the bride would answer accurately.

For bridal showers where the guests know the groom-to-be well, have the guests try to match his answers too. See if a guest knows the groom better than the bride-to-be. This could be especially fun if the mother or mother-in-law is in attendance.


Bridal Shower Game Trivia: Observe the Bride

At a certain point in the shower, about half an hour in or so, have the bride leave the room. Hand each guest a pen and piece of paper. While the bride is out of sight, have the guests write down everything they can remember about what the bride is wearing, encouraging as much detail as possible. Her clothing, jewelry, makeup and hair accessories should make some of the lists. After a few minutes, invite the bride back in. The winner is the guest who described the most about the bride's appearance.


Bridal Shower Game Trivia: The Wedding Night

This game predicts what a bride will say on her wedding night and is appropriate for lingerie showers or showers with close girlfriends in attendance. Have a bridesmaid secretly transcribe everything the bride-to-be says as she opens her gifts. She'll likely say things like, "This is beautiful" or "Wow" or "I know exactly where I'm going to put this." When all the gifts have been opened, have the bridesmaid dramatically read the list of things the bride said after announcing that these are the things the bride will say on her wedding night.


Bridal Shower Game Trivia: Write Her a Song

Divide guests into teams. Have each team write a short song about the bride, including specific details about her in the lyrics. The songs can be set to familiar tunes.  (You may want to list suggested tunes, such as "Happy Birthday," "Yankee Doodle" or " We Wish You a Merry Christmas.") The bride will judge the songs and award the winning team with a prize.

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