Bridal Shower Gift Ideas


Bridal Shower Gift Ideas:

While gift-giving is a tradition at most celebrations, bridal shower gifts are actually the reason behind the tradition of bridal showers. No one knows for sure when or where the practice of bridal shower gifts began, but the commonly accepted origin of bridal showers dates back to a Dutch folk tale about the daughter of a wealthy man who fell in love with an impoverished miller. When her father wouldn't give her a dowry, sympathetic townspeople "showered" the young couple with presents. Ever since then, bridal shower gifts have helped countless newlyweds start their lives as married couples.

Bridal shower gift ideas - chip in! 

Bridal shower gifts do not have to be expensive. Since all the guests at a bridal shower are also going to be attending the wedding - and of course giving a gift there as well - bridal shower gifts are traditionally on a smaller scale, and it's not uncommon for several guests at the shower to chip it to buy one larger gift for the bride-to-be, perhaps something from the couple's registry.

However, bridal shower gifts don't have to be chosen from the registry. But bear in mind that registries don't only have "big ticket" items on them, and it's an easy way to choose bridal shower gifts the bride-to-be is sure to want. Also, if the shower has a household theme, like kitchenware or linens, the registry will often provide helpful hints for bridal shower gifts.

Showers that have themes make it a bit easier to select bridal shower gifts. If the invitation suggests linens & towels, a set of guest hand towels or dishtowels for the kitchen make nice, easy and inexpensive bridal shower gifts. A selection of cooking gadgets makes perfect bridal shower gifts for a kitchen-themed shower.

If there is no theme to the event, bridal shower gifts are limited only by imagination and budget. Give the bride-to-be a gift certificate for pre-wedding pampering at a spa. Or buy two champagne flutes and a nice bottle of the bubbly for the couple to share on their wedding night. Practical bridal shower gifts are always appreciated, but be a little creative - for example, buy a "cooking for two"-themed cookbook - plus ingredients for one of the romantic meals. Or buy a small coffee grinder - and include two handmade mugs and a bag of gourmet beans.

In the weeks leading up to her wedding, a bride-to-be has so much on her mind - and now she's got to send thank-you notes to her shower guests as well. Bridal shower gifts of personalized stationery or unique note cards will come in very handy. And if you know the couple's new address, add a set of customized address labels and several books of stamps.

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