Budget Wedding Invitations


Engaged couples on a budget can still invite guests in style. Budget wedding invitations don't have to look cheap. Consider the following when streamlining stationery costs.


Budget Wedding Invitations: Order Early and Accurately


Invitation retailers may double their charges for rush orders; once the wedding details are in place and you have a working guest list order your invitations. While you'll want to order a few extra invitations and envelopes, don't get carried away. Do the math carefully and avoid buying far more invitations than you'll need. Conversely, note that ordering extras later on will cost significantly more, so anticipate that you'll need a few additional cards and envelopes to accommodate last-minute invitees and addressing errors.


Budget Wedding Invitations: Simply Chic


Simple designs typically cost less, so opt for classic chic motifs and layouts over intricate designs and multiple folds. Simpler designs using cheaper materials are also less glaringly cheap as invitations trying to look fancy on a budget. Sacrifice the bells and whistles for quality stock and sophisticated design. Save on reply cards and envelopes and insert a reply postcard in the invitation's envelope instead. Streamline where you can, printing reception information on the invitation itself and eliminating an extra insert. Lighter papers and fewer inserts require less postage, which also saves you money.


Budget Wedding Invitations: Print


Choose inexpensive printing techniques and be sure to order all your stationery from the same retailer; larger printing jobs often provide price-negotiation opportunities. Choose a simple color palette and flat printing process. For couples wanting more texture and flair, hand-tie a ribbon around each invite. Inquire as to packages and promotions available and never hesitate to shop around for the best deals. Many online retailers, because of their low overhead, can offer discounted prices on the very brand names you might find in stationery stores.


Budget Wedding Invitations: Group Effort


Some details you can do yourself or with the enlisted help of your friends and family. Save on calligraphy costs by having someone you know with good penmanship address envelopes for you. If you want embellishments on your invitations, recruit friends and have an invitation-decorating party. You'll have fun working together while saving on assembly fees.


Budget Wedding Invitations: Homemade


Use software, high-quality paper, art-store supplies and your imagine to create gorgeous custom invitations at a fraction of a retailers' price. Some stationery and scrapbooking stores offer classes; do your research and experiment with designing a template invitation before committing to the do-it-yourself route. This budget-friendly option can be very time-consuming and ultimately frustrating if you're not creatively inclined. Consult with graphic-design friends and budget carefully for supplies. With careful planning, affordable custom invitations can please the most discerning eye.

Last Updated: February 23, 2010 at 10:41 am
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