Celebrity Hair Inspiration: Hot off the Red Carpet!


By Arrick Anderson, Stylist to the Stars

The top hairstyles for modern brides of 2009 are simple and traditional -- and the elegant styles were perfectly reflected at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards.

The Hollywood Influence

On the red carpet, I witnessed the classic looks of hair pulled back into either a chignon, a sleek bun or a french twist.  Stars like Eva Longoria Parker, Christina Applegate and Drew Barrymore were all looking like full fledged movie stars! The classic looks of stars from yesteryear like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marylin Monroe are making a big comeback...every bride wants to look gorgous and these looks are timeless and always beautiful.

Another favorite of brides this year is the hair being half pinned back, with the longer layers cascading down past the shoulders. This almost always looks great with a veil, especially because the face is not so hidden.

For brides with a shorter mane -- slick hair back for a more dramatic look, or even consider a small hairpiece or extension and attach at the nape of the neck to give the illusion of a bun or fancy updo.  Longer hair is always elegant on a bride with some added wave or curl, and simply pinned half up with some tendrils left framing the face for softness.

When to Go Pro!

Any extravagant up-swept style or the use of any extra hair, like extensions, should be done by a professional.  There is nothing worse than the bride's hair becoming loose halfway through the ceremony or during wedding pictures!

Do It Yourself Styles

A simple, fool-proof hairstyle for any bride to do on her own is to simply pull the hair back as if doing a sleek ponytail, and simply wrap hair around in a circular motion at the base and secure with several hair pins. Another do it yourself look, if you have longer hair, is to set hair in hot rollers, leave curlers in long enough to give hair a nice wave, and loosely pin the sides back exposing the face, but keeping the hair length...and be sure to finish with plenty of strong holding hairspray, remember, it's going be a long day!

Find out more about Arrick, his salon and star clients right here!

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