Ceremony Music


It's the music heard during the march of the wedding party and the serenade that plays as the bride makes her way down the aisle to meet the love of her life. Ceremony music helps set the tone for a beautiful exchange of vows, as well as keeps family and friends entertained while they wait for the real festivities to take place. From professional musicians to a collection of your favorite instrumentals - it's time to discuss the wonderful world of ceremony music.

Ceremony music usually consists of the following components:

  • Prelude - Played as guests start to gather at the ceremony site.

  • Processional - The bride makes her entrance.

  • Recessional - The newly wedded couple's grand exit.

Other ceremony musical needs will vary from wedding to wedding. For instance, couples may have to select tunes that will play during the lighting of a unity candle or when it comes time to jump the broom.

Ceremony Music Ideas

While some couples create a CD filled with chosen ceremony music, others prefer the romantic angle of hired professionals who know just how to set the tone for special occasions. From a four-piece band to string quartet, you can enhance your ceremony with live performances. How romantic would it be to have an angel-like harpist strumming 'Here Comes the Bride' as you walk down the aisle? For real church-going couples, consider asking your local choir to sing or hum your processional music.

Appropriate Ceremony Music?

Make sure to cover all of your bases when it comes to ceremony music. While you may have a list of romantic love songs for your wedding day, consider where you plan on getting married. Many brides have walked away disappointed to find that their favorite songs could not play at the wedding chapel because the church did not allow secular music. When planning a church wedding, speak with your minister to make sure you will be able to play the ceremony music of your choice. If the music that plays is a must for your wedding, discuss your ceremony music before leaving a deposit with the church.

Whatever you decide to choose for ceremony music, keep in mind that your guests shouldn't sit in the midst of dead air and silence. Whether you select an enchanting soundtrack of classical tunes or hire a pianist, don't forget the importance of music for this very significant part of your wedding.

Last Updated: October 7, 2013 at 3:55 pm
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