Cheap Honeymoons


Honeymoons don't have to put newlyweds in debt. Couples who can't afford weeklong stays at luxury resorts still have plenty of options for a romantic getaway for two. Budget-conscious couples should consider the following when planning cheap honeymoons.


Cheap Honeymoons: Close to Home


Consider finding a romantic getaway that's close to home. Stay at a resort, hotel or bed-and-breakfast not far from your wedding and you'll save on travel expenses. Without paying for airfare, you'll be able to splurge on four- or five-star accommodations. Staying nearby lets you explore the beauty and romance of your own state or province that you might never experience otherwise. If you do choose to fly somewhere, consider options with cheap flights.


Cheap Honeymoons: Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts are great alternatives to a hotel. Breakfast is included at these romantic accommodations that often echo the vibe of the neighborhood they're found in. This is a less touristy option for honeymooners who appreciate quaint décor, intimate settings and meeting the locals.


Cheap Honeymoons: Off-Season

If you and your spouse-to-be have a certain destination in mind, do your research as to when it's cheapest to go. Airfare and accommodations are often significantly cheaper during the off-season. Consider whether the cons of the off-season (most notably weather-related issues) are deal-breakers for you or not. If not, you may get that dream honeymoon at only a fraction of the cost.


Cheap Honeymoons: Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoon registries allow guests to contribute to the costs of a honeymoon. This is a great option for couples that would prefer a romantic vacation to traditional gifts. Even the most cash-strapped couple might find that a luxury getaway isn't completely out of reach with the expenses divided among family and friends.


Cheap Honeymoons: Last-Minute Deals

If your heart isn't set on a specific destination and you're comfortable with being flexible about honeymoon plans, consider holding off on the planning for a last-minute deal. Many cruises and all-inclusive travel packages promote last-minute packages. Frequent websites and travel sections of the newspaper to find that perfect deal.


Cheap Honeymoons: All-Inclusive

All-inclusive resorts and cruises can be affordable options for couples looking to keep their spending in check. With meals and activities covered, you'll know exactly what to expect budget-wise. Be sure to research any fine-print exceptions to the all-inclusive deal; the fewer hidden and unexpected costs, the less stressful the honeymoon-planning experience will be.


Cheap Honeymoons: Camping

Outdoorsy couples can embrace the romance of the great outdoors. Find a beachfront camping site and share a tent by the sand, or rent a remote cabin in the woods; spend quality time together under the stars. Do a little research before booking your campsite to ensure that showers and electricity are available if those amenities are important to you. Get away from it all and enjoy one another's company; isn't that what a honeymoon should be all about?

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