Cheap Wedding Cakes


Cheap wedding cakes:

Wedding cakes can cost $5 or more per serving, and many couples are eager to find ways to save money on cheap wedding cakes that will still taste good. Here are some suggestions for cheap wedding cakes that won't take a huge slice out of your wedding budget.


Cheap wedding cakes - the supemarket!

Reality television shows like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes have raised the baking bar, and unlikely places are now turning out high-end cakes for much lower prices than posh pastry chefs. Check out supermarket bakeries for cheap wedding cakes. Also, if catering companies providing the food for wedding receptions also make their own baked goods, ask about cheap wedding cakes as part of the package deal or at a discount. And inquire at local cooking schools for pastry chefs in training who might be eager to design cheap wedding cakes to show off their skills.


Cheap wedding cakes - keep it simple.

Much of the cost of big, heavily decorated wedding cakes is due to the labor involved in all those intricate, fancy finishing touches. Couples looking for cheap wedding cakes might want to opt for a simpler design with fewer elaborate decorations. An unadorned tiered wedding cake gets a jolt of pizzazz easily by filling the spaces between layers with vibrant fresh flowers. Sprinkle rose petals on the cake table or splurge on a sparkly cake topper, and guests will be impressed with the understated elegance.


Cheap wedding cakes - size matters.

When it comes to wedding cakes, size matters for many couples. You can easily make a smallish or medium-sized cake look bigger with the addition of a fake bottom layer that's covered in the same icing as the upper layers. This is a popular trick with pastry chefs helping couples to create cheap(er) wedding cakes without losing any of the "wow" factor of a spectacular cake display.

Another way to save money with cheap wedding cakes is to order a small decorated cake for the cake cutting ceremony but use sheet cakes in the same frosting color and flavor to serve as dessert. Sheet cakes are easier to cut and yield more servings than round cakes, which can represent considerable savings, especially for a wedding with a large number of guests.

Couples on a budget who are still determined to have the wedding cake of their dreams might be interested in the latest approach to cheap wedding cakes: rent a cake. Here's how it works: companies such as Fun Cake Rentals ( have a number of predesigned fake cakes made of foam or styrofoam covered with elaborately decorated icing that's been glazed for durability. A piece of real cake is hidden cleverly in the bottom layer, which the bride and groom slice during the cake cutting ceremony. Once the cake is wheeled away to be cut up, pieces of much less expensive (but no less tasty) sheet cake are served. Rented wedding cakes cost a fraction of the real thing, even after factoring in the cost of the cake that's actually served.  Hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be saved by renting artificial, cheap wedding cakes that look like they cost big bucks. 

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