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Once upon a time, wedding cakes were almost always white on white - plain cake with white buttercream frosting. Today, pretty much anything goes, and one of the most popular choices around is a chocolate wedding cake. Sometimes it's layers of chocolate cake iced in traditional white, at other times a chocolate wedding cake is coated in luscious fudge frosting - and always, a chocolate wedding cake is a mouth-watering favorite!

An elaborately decorated chocolate wedding cake can make an elegant statement on a dessert table. Brightly colored flowers (real or made by the pastry chef) piled on top or cascading down the tiers would make a striking contrast to chocolate frosting, as would other colorful decorations in any number of artful patterns.

A chocolate wedding cake actually isn't as simple as it may sound. There are a different kinds of chocolate - e.g., plain, dark, milk - and chocolate can be blended with other flavors for a variety of delectable combinations. A plain chocolate wedding cake gets extra zing when flavors like orange, raspberry or coffee are added. Tasty fruit fillings can also be used in between layers of a chocolate wedding cake. If alcohol is being served at the reception, rum, brandy or another liqueur could be mixed in. Other popular add-ins for a chocolate wedding cake are mint, almonds and coconut.

Chocolate accents can be used to transform any wedding cake into a chocolate wedding cake. The couple's monogram can be "written" in chocolate all over a white or colored rolled fondant icing. Shaved chocolate or drizzles and swirls can be used to create sophisticated, eye-catching designs.

Couples who want a chocolate wedding cake might also choose different kinds of cake other than the standard baked layers. Cheesecake is gaining popularity as a wedding cake choice, and chocolate cheesecake covered with ganache - melted cream and chocolate poured over for a smooth, shiny glaze - makes a chocolate wedding cake that is beautiful to look at and sinfully delicious to eat.

Another option for a chocolate wedding cake is German chocolate cake - dark chocolate cake layered with a coconut-pecan filling and glazed with chocolate icing. Black forest cake, which combines layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherry filling and can be iced with either whipped cream or chocolate frosting, would also make a stunning and scrumptious chocolate wedding cake.

A chocolate wedding cake is often richer than other cakes, and if it's being served after a complete meal, other, lighter dessert options should also be available. Fresh fruit and sorbet are easy, excellent companions for a chocolate wedding cake - and these will be welcome alternatives for guests who might be allergic to or (hard though it may be to believe) don't like chocolate.

If you're hesitant about having a chocolate wedding cake instead of a traditional white one, consider serving a chocolate groom wedding cake at the reception alongside a conventional tiered cake. Groom wedding cakes are frequently chocolate, so this would be a good way to have your cake ... and eat chocolate, too!

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