Chocolate Wedding Favors: The Popular Choice


Chocolate Wedding Favors:

Chocolate wedding favors are a popular choice for a number of reasons. Chocolates can be bought ready-or custom-made in just about every shape imaginable, so there's sure to be chocolate wedding favors to suit any wedding theme or location. Also, there's a wide price range available, so chocolate wedding favors can be found to fit any budget. And last, but certainly not least - it's chocolate! What wedding guest wouldn't be delighted to be given chocolate wedding favors at the end of a celebration?

Chocolate has long been associated with love and romance, which makes chocolate wedding favors particularly appropriate. Chocolate comes in so many different shapes, sizes, types and packaging, it might be difficult to decide which will make the best chocolate wedding favors - here are just a few ideas that might be helpful:


Special order chocolate wedding favors:

Recognizing the popularity of chocolate wedding favors, companies such as M&M's have introduced special-order candies that come in customized colors - there's a wide enough variety to match any wedding's color scheme, and they offer wedding favor packaging, which means one less thing to do that last week before the big day. The candies can also be designed with tiny photographs and/or text on each piece. (If you're choosing these as chocolate wedding favors, bear in mind that since M&M's are pretty small, there's only room for a small amount of text.)

Hershey's kisses can be ordered directly with "JUST MARRIED" printed on the paper tags, and other companies sell Hershey's brand chocolate bars with custom-printed wrappers that can be given out as chocolate wedding favors. Full-size bars can be ordered as well as mini-bars, which can be a more economical choice. Many other chocolate brands also offer bars with personalized wrappers.

Personalized chocolate wedding favors can also be ordered using the initial of the newlywed couple's last name. Or guests can receive a small box of chocolates shaped like wedding bells, cupids, hearts - or even miniature brides and grooms. Chocolate-covered almonds would be a delicious variation on Jordan almonds, candy-covered almonds that are often given as wedding favors.

Boutique chocolatiers - at retail locations and online - can design chocolate wedding favors in shapes to match a wedding's theme. At weddings with a western theme, for example, chocolate wedding favors can be shaped like boots, horses or cowboy-style hats. Or, for a black-and-white themed wedding, there can be an assortment of white and dark chocolate. When giving individual pieces as chocolate wedding favors, try to use packaging that can be recycled or, better yet, reused. Tins, pails and attractive plastic boxes can be long-lasting reminders of a special event.


When to avoid chocolate wedding favors:

The only time couples should think twice about chocolate wedding favors is if the wedding is taking place outdoors or during the summer. As everyone knows, chocolate melts in the heat and can make quite a mess. If you're considering giving out chocolate wedding favors anyway, go for wrapped chocolates and distribute them as guests are leaving. Until then, keep the chocolate wedding favors in a cool place - if that's not possible, make sure they're kept away from direct sunlight and heat.

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Last Updated: March 8, 2014 at 2:00 pm
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