Choosing Carrie Underwood's Wedding Dress


As most of you know, Carrie Underwood is getting set to wed handsome NHL hockey stud Mike Fisher any day now! Just returning from bridal market in New York, we spotted a few dresses we thought would be perfect for the former "American Idol" turned Grammy knockout! Designer drumroll please...

#5: From Vera Wang's Spring 2011 collection -- sophisticated and chic!

#4: Ines Di Santo's princess-inspired gown -- perfect for Hollywood royalty fairytale nuptials!

#3: Douglas Hannant's lovely ivory and lace number from his Spring 2011 collection. We thought this would look gorgeous on Carrie -- and loved the hair bouquet.

#2:  Another elegant, daring creation from Vera Wang's Spring 2011 collection. We would love Carrie to explore her adventurous side and go with a little color -- and this pale lavender would look amazing on her!


 #1. Reem Acra's new collection: Carrie would be absolutely dreamy in this beautiful, dramatic frock with corseted influences and 3-D flower appliques. Acra told us she is designing for the savvy bride this time out -- which definitely fits Underwood's style.

Which dress can you see Carrie in? We'd love your opinions, savvy PW brides!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:10 am
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