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Cool Groom Cakes


Traditionally, groom cakes were chocolate, fruity confections taken home by the guests after the wedding.  An unmarried girl would place the slice of cake beneath her pillow and dream of the man she would one day wed.  Today's groom cakes are as different as each of the grooms they represent - an assortment of sizes, flavors, and styles - and may be served at the rehearsal dinner or at the reception.  Some couples still honor tradition and send their guests home with a piece. 

Choosing the Groom's Cake

A groom cake isn't a requirement but it's a fun way to give your future husband a few minutes in the spotlight on a day that focuses mostly on you.  You can choose the cake and surprise your groom, you can ask him to handle his cake, or you can both agree on an idea together.  One of the most common groom cake designs is a traditional tuxedo and there are plenty of variations to the style - colors, cake types, and embellishments can make it more personal - but my favorites are the designs inspired by a couple's creativity that really celebrate the uniqueness and personality of the groom! 

The Professional

Choose a cake design that symbolizes your groom's career. 

  • Balance scales for your lawyer.

  • An edible laptop for the computer tech.

  • Farmers will appreciate fields with candy cows and fondant cornstalks.

Cakes for the Team

For the sports-obsessed groom, ask for a cake decorated with his favorite team's logo.  I've seen football cakes, groom cakes that look like a soccer field, and racecar cakes - so use your imagination! 

Keeping With the Theme

If you're planning a themed wedding around an idea that is a shared interest between you and your fiancé, there's nothing wrong with ordering a matching groom cake. 

  • A chocolate Christmas tree for a holiday wedding.

  • Personalized champagne bottles for a fairy tale event.

  • A deserted island fits well with a beach theme.

Just for Fun

Your groom's favorite pastime could be the best idea for the cake design!  Video game consoles make cool groom cakes; hunters may choose a cake with a deer shape; guitar and drum designs are popular choices as well.  If you want to add a little fun, have the groom cake resemble your new husband's favorite bottle of beer. 

Let your future husband choose the cake type and the frosting to make the cake even more personal and have fun browsing all the cool groom cake possibilities as you create your own style! 

Last Updated: December 11, 2008 at 10:49 am
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