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Country Wedding Venues


Country wedding venues:

Country wedding venues add a layer of down home warmth and charm to ceremonies and receptions. Whether indoors or outside, country wedding venues bring together the best of what nature has to offer along with carefully-selected personal accents (the more homemade the better!) to create a memorable event.


Country wedding venues - the farmhouse!

Rural areas are ready made with many ideal settings for country wedding venues, such as meadows, cornfields, farmhouses, barns and old countryside chapels. Country wedding venues are especially picturesque in autumn, when the colors are changing and the surrounding landscape looks like an impressionist painting.

When celebrations are planned in country wedding venues - whatever the season - be sure to incorporate the beautiful colors characteristic of that time of year. If the weather is mild enough to have part of the wedding outdoors, the clear blue sky will be a stunning backdrop. Autumn events in country wedding venues can feature complementary earthy colors like gold, cranberry and shades of brown. During the spring, choose vibrant flowers that naturally belong in country wedding venues: colorful wildflowers, sunflowers and daisies.

Let your fingers do the walking on your computer keyboard to discover country wedding venues in your home state. You might come upon a place like Wood Acres Farm in Terryville, Connecticut, just 25 miles from Hartford. Wood Acres has been family owned and operated for four generations - and features horse-drawn carriages to escort the bride and groom to the ceremony site. In the heart of the Smoky Mountains you'll find Country Manor Acres in Townsend, Tennessee, a 60-acre estate set against a scenic backdrop of mountains, pastures, woods and other natural delights.


Country wedding venues for the city girl

Live in a big city but have your heart set on something more down to earth for your wedding? Just get out a map, hit the road and check out country wedding venues an hour or so out of town. Every region of the country, no matter how urban, should have country wedding venues within easy driving distance - but if it turns out that you have to travel further to find country wedding venues that are to your liking, plan a destination wedding and arrange a weekend's worth of rustic festivities for you and your guests.

If you can't actually get out to any genuine country wedding venues but want an "urban cowboy"-style wedding, use your imagination and just about any space can easily be countrified. For DIY (do-it-yourself) country wedding venues, use bundles of dried corn, gourds or sheaves of wheat as decorations and toss sawdust on the floor. Instead of having reception guests sit at round tables with fancy linens, rent picnic tables and use gingham tablecloths and napkins. (But there's no need to go as far as paper plates and plastic forks and knives!) If fire regulations allow, camping lanterns or tall candles set in Mason jars can be placed on the tables, along with baskets of colorful apples that can work as unique (and tasty!) centerpieces. For favors, contact a small, private-label vendor of homemade preserves or honey, and order a batch made with specially designed personalized labels.

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