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How do you sift through all the wedding inspiration to create an event that's a true reflection of you as a couple? With so many ideas out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed when planning your big day. Sometimes the wedding industry or even family and friends have their own ideas of what your wedding should look like.

For a little perspective on this issue, we recently chatted with wedding planner Beth Helmstetter. She's one of our favorite wedding planners and designers, assisting everyone from celebrities and athletes to everyday brides and grooms in planning their weddings. Beth's design sense (pretty and effortless, we think!), business savvy, and calm demeanor make her the perfect partner to plan your wedding with. Luckily, Beth was kind enough to share some planning ideas with us. Here are Beth's top five tips for creating a personalized wedding concept:

 1. Do What You Love

Forget everything you've ever heard about having to have a set color scheme, crisp white linens, classic tuxedos and so on. When designing your wedding, think about what you really love and find a way to pull it together. It doesn't have to "match" it just has to reflect your style. If you are clean and modern, go that direction. If you are a classic beauty, let that inspire your day. If you are eclectic in your every day life, then why would your wedding be any different?

2. Consider Approachability above Over-the-Top

The most successful weddings are not necessarily the most expensive. Instead they are the ones that create a comfortable atmosphere where guests can relax and enjoy. I like to throw in a few simple but unexpected details to remind guests that they are not at their every day wedding.

3. Go Residential

When thinking about comfort, what comes to mind? For me and many of my clients, it's our homes. Adding touches throughout your event that remind people of being at home such as couches, rugs and dressers is not only a great design addition but also a good way to set the tone for your guests.

4. Make Your Own Rules

Don't be confined by tradition and etiquette unless that's who you are as a couple. Breaking the rules a bit can not only be fun, but also give your guests a new experience. A great example is the "tattoo parlor" that was at one of our recent events. The couple was a little edgy and this was the perfect favor and activity for their style.

5. Be the Life of the Party

If you want to have a wedding where guests dance into the wee hours of the night, then you must dance until the wee hours of the night. If you want a low-key dinner party with great conversation, then start talking. Simply put, guests are there to celebrate you and will follow your lead in how to act at your wedding day.

For a celebration that is truly about you and your love, consider adapting some of Beth's tips to your own wedding plan. Toss the rules out the window, forget about impressing people and stay true to who you are in your everyday life.

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Canlas. Special thanks to Beth Helmstetter.


Last Updated: May 29, 2014 at 5:15 pm
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