Creative Wedding Invitations


nvitations set the vibe of a wedding. Creative couples planning weddings filled with unique touches and custom details will likely want to break with tradition and send out creative wedding invitations. Find inspiration in the wedding you're planning, in your personal tastes, and in the innovative and unique invitations of creative stationers and graphic designers. Below are only a few of the many creative wedding invitation ideas available to you.


Creative Wedding Invitations: Destination Weddings


If you're planning a destination wedding, consider embracing the destination as your invitation's main inspiration. Create invitations that look like passports or treasure maps to your wedding's location. Set a beachy vibe with message-in-a-bottle invites. Capture the adventure of an island wedding with tiki fabrics, bamboo paper, maps, surf posters and monograms that incorporate anchors. Secure canvas envelopes with a cluster of seashells and sand dollars. Ceci New York custom-makes gorgeous mixed-media destination-wedding invitations. Dramatic or whimsical, the one-of-a-kind creations are designed to impress.


Creative Wedding Invitations: Vintage-Inspired


If you're planning a vintage-inspired wedding, consider sending invitations that reference a bygone era. Use vintage stamps, create invitations that look like retro movie tickets or posters, and choose pop-art graphics. Hello! Lucky is home to charming designs sure to fit any retro-loving couple. The Heartland design is based on vintage fruit-crate packaging and would suit a rustic country wedding, while the Vintage Tattoo design is a hip retro invitation inspired by sailors' tattoos and would perfectly pair with a creative indie couple. Coordinating save-the-dates, reply cards, reception cards, menus and seating cards and more are available with most Hello! Lucky invitation designs.


Creative Wedding Invitations: Music Lovers


Music-loving bride and grooms can bring their passion for the art into their wedding invitations. Send out custom concert posters instead of traditional invites, or use guitar picks and vintage sheet music as part of a mixed-media invitation. Turn your reply cards into "backstage passes," send out CD jackets with your wedding information, or have recorded music play when guests open their invitations. Continue the music theme in your programs, turning your order of service into a rock band's set list.


Creative Wedding Invitations: Unconventional Shapes


A wedding invitation doesn't have to be a rectangular card. Take creative license and send out unconventional-looking invitations that capture the spirit of your wedding. Your options are endless: pop-up cards, hanging mobiles strung together with ribbon, stitched-together paper quilts, hand-stamped accordion-folded invitations with tin covers, and countless other designs. Get inspiration from the things you love and from the details in your wedding. Invitations can be miniature works of art for the creative couple. And don't limit yourself to paper, either. Laser-engraved wooden invitations are a great complement to an outdoor wedding.



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