Denver Wedding Cakes


Denver Wedding Cakes:

Wedding cakes are the "ooo and ahh" sensations of receptions.  These culinary delights are photographed almost as much as the happy couple and if it tastes as good as it looks, your cake will be talked about long after your big day has passed.  There are several Denver wedding cake designers that can turn your cake ideas into a crowd-pleasing creation that won't disappoint you or your guests!


Denver Wedding Cakes sweet spot one:

Child's Pastry Shop ( has been a favorite Denver wedding cake specialist for over 50 years.  Child's cakes are artistic, creative, and definitely unique -- each one, designed specifically for the individual client.  Previous wedding cake designs have ranged from elegant and traditional to whimsical and bold.  You can schedule an appointment at Child's and sample up to four filling and cake flavors. 


Denver Wedding Cakes sweet spot two:

Cakeheads ( of Denver will create whatever you imagine.  From mini-cakes to sheet cakes to cupcakes, Cakeheads will work with your ideas and budget to design the perfect cake.  Personalize your wedding cake with luxurious and exotic flavor combinations.  Favorites include yellow cake with mango mousse and apricot preserves or chocolate cake with Kahlua-Rum mascarpone.  Prices start at $5 per slice for buttercream and $6 per slice for fondant (based on 100 servings). 


Tips for Trimming the Cake Budget

The perfect wedding cake can take a big chunk of your budget, especially if you have a big guest list.  Many modern brides are opting for sheet cakes to serve their guests and either paring down the size of the wedding cake or finding a cake designer that can insert fake tiers to lower costs without detracting from the perfect style.  A small round cake with an artistic tower of gourmet cupcakes can also save your budget and still look amazing - many Denver wedding cake specialists can create a gorgeous cupcake tower for you. 

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