Destination Wedding Attire


Selecting your destination wedding attire requires special attention to ceremony location, travel plans, and wedding style. Without compromising your personal tastes and vision for the day, you and your future spouse can still have destination-appropriate looks that travel well and complement your surroundings.


Destination Wedding Attire - The Dress

Your destination wedding dress should recognize the location, and subsequent climate, of your ceremony. A lightweight sheath might be more appropriate for a wedding by the water, while a more opulent gown will suit a grand cathedral. Because many destination brides choose simpler silhouettes and train-less dresses for their weddings, they have more bridal-shopping options; white dresses that aren't necessarily sold as wedding gowns can cut costs and be less ornamental and fussy than traditional gowns. Keep in mind that your dress will need to travel with you, so be prepared to have it steamed upon arrival.


Destination Wedding Attire - Shoes

Heels at a beach wedding are not the wisest footwear choice. Consider your location before packing shoes for your big day. An embellished sandal is a sophisticated alternative to the flip-flop on the sand, while custom a cowboy boot delightfully complements a ranch wedding.


Destination Wedding Attire - Accessories

Accessories are a great way to add custom touches to a simpler destination gown. They can reflect your destination; don a tiara at a European castle affair or a birdcage veil at a retro venue. Use accessories to help adapt your look to the season; wear a cape or stole at an Aspen winter-wonderland wedding or a pair of cute boots at a springtime English garden wedding. Use jewelry to reinforce the theme of your wedding; chandelier earrings add glamour to a simple dress, while pearls create a sweet demure look for the Audrey Hepburn-channeling bride.


Destination Wedding Attire - The Groom

While much attention is paid to the destination-wedding gown, the groom's attire is equally as important. As with the dress, you'll want his outfit to take the destination into consideration; a formal tuxedo isn't appropriate for a seaside wedding. Linen or cotton-blend suits work well for warm-climate destination weddings. Shades of khaki and beige look great against an ocean backdrop and don't show evidence of sand as darker suits do. Crisp white shirts are often enough, forgoing your need for a jacket and tie. Leather sandals can replace formal footwear. For more formal nuptials, consider tone-on-tone shirts and ties, and add a pair of oxfords to your look. Of course, Destination wedding attire doesn't mean that your wedding is necessarily informal; a grand affair abroad may still dictate a traditional tuxedo with tails.


Destination Wedding Attire - Getting It There

Be sure to insure your destination wedding attire. Even the most careful and cautious of couples risk losing or damaging their wardrobe in transit. When flying, call the airline in advance to ensure that you can carry on your dress and suit; checking your bridal attire only increases the odds of you and your wardrobe not arriving at the same time.

Last Updated: December 15, 2009 at 9:00 am
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