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Destination Wedding Bahamas


Dreaming of a sun-kissed beach destination wedding? If you're looking for sandy shores, a subtropical climate, and turquoise-blue waters, consider holding your nuptials in the gorgeous Bahamas.

The Bahamas, just off Florida's coast, is a nation of 700 diverse islands stretching over 100,000 square miles. Offering both uninhabited cays and a vibrant nightlife, it's the perfect destination wedding getaway. With warm temperatures and low humidity year-round, you won't want to leave; plan to extend your destination wedding in the Bahamas into an unforgettable honeymoon.


Destination Wedding Bahamas - Grand Bahama Island

On Grand Bahama Island you'll find the fine sands and exotic seashells that make for dream oceanfront weddings. Wed in the spring, and you'll enjoy the beauty of stunning spider lilies. Stay at one of the many luxury resorts and seek out a secluded beach along the southern coast for a postcard-perfect private ceremony surrounded by loved ones.


Destination Wedding Bahamas - Harbour Island

Consider Harbour Island's pink sand beaches for your destination-wedding locale. With over three and half miles of beach, a local planner can help you pick a quiet spot for saying "I do."


Destination Wedding Bahamas - Nassau

Nassau, the Bahamian capital city, offers a combination of colonial and modern-day architecture, an exciting nightlife and beautiful harbors. Channel your inner James Bond, as three films were shot here; incorporate elements of the island's traditional music, dances and costumes in your celebration.

In Nassau, your ceremony options aren't limited to the beach. Consider a Victorian mansion, ancient fort, or stunning cathedral for your big day. The Queen's Staircase, a 66-step climb to spectacular views, is a must-visit spot for wedding photographers.


Destination Wedding Bahamas - Paradise Island

Paradise Island offers bother seclusion and excitement, catering to your personal wedding style. Sail into history, exploring waters once rules by pirates; walk the rolling hills covered in pines and palm trees; or swim and fish in privacy. For the more urban couple, enjoy the locale delicacies, theater, and dinner cruises. Cabarets, art galleries and beaches round out your wedding-celebration options.


Destination Wedding Bahamas - The Legalities

A couple must be in the Bahamas for 24 hours before the wedding date when applying for a wedding license; the license will cost around $100. Parental consent is required if either party is under 18. If either party has never been married before, you need to certify a declaration of this fact before a notary public. If either has been divorced, the final decree must be produced. And if either party is widowed, the death certificate must be produced. You'll need a valid passport, birth certificate and photo identification to wed in the Bahamas.

If you're bringing a photographer with you, and not using local photographers, you'll have to apply for a permit and pay a free with the Department of Immigration and Customs.

Local vendors and planners are well equipped to work with brides from a distance. Do your research and trust recommended experts. A destination wedding in the Bahamas gives you a gorgeous place to explore with the one you love; be sure to embrace the laid-back feel of the island and slow down enough to appreciate your beautiful day.

Last Updated: December 14, 2009 at 12:23 pm
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