Destination Wedding Caribbean


The Caribbean is one of the top destination-wedding locales, especially for couples from America's East Coast.  It's an easily accessible paradise getaway where English is widely spoken and with relatively few pre-wedding residency requirements.

Bermuda and The Caribbean Islands offer luxurious accommodations, boasting swanky hotels and private resorts. Couples choose Caribbean destination weddings for their sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lush landscaping, charming architecture and rich history.  The countless outdoor activities, succulent cuisine and world-famous rum make the Caribbean a serious contender when choosing a destination-wedding location.

Consider the following Caribbean spots for your dream destination wedding:


Destination Wedding Caribbean - Anguilla


Anguilla, to may couples, is a magical island paradise.  Situated in the British West Indies, the 16-mile-long island offers secluded beaches, caves and caverns to explore. Enjoy fine dining - the fresh lobster shouldn't be missed - and decorate your ceremony with the gorgeous year-round hibiscus. The Arts and Crafts Center and local Jumbie dancers can contribute to the authentic island feel of your nuptials.


Destination Wedding Caribbean - Cayman Islands


The Cayman Islands are location in the western Caribbean and offers couples a sophisticated island-wedding experience.  Just one hour south of Miami, the three islands - Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac - offer endless activities and options for destination-wedding-bound visitors. Opt for a formal affair on the lawn of Pedro St. James, Cayman Islands' birthplace of democracy, or fine a secluded shore to swap intimate vows. From hosting festive celebrations at Rum Point to walking down the aisle at a quaint chapel to having a seaside picnic, local planners can help you see your paradise-island vision realized. Adventurous couples might dare to wed underwater, with a coral garden replacing your floral décor.


Destination Wedding Caribbean - Bermuda


Bermuda is a self-governing U.K. territory 570 miles east of North Carolina. The small 21-square-mile island is densely populated, but filled with pastel cottages, charming chapels, luxury resorts and white-sand beaches. Unlike the outdoor-adventure-promoting islands surrounding it in the Caribbean, Bermuda is known for its gorgeous golf greens and tennis courts. Yachters, fine dining and a genteel British influence make this island the perfect place for a quiet sophisticated destination wedding.


Destination Wedding Caribbean - Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico, also known as "The Island of Enchantment," is home to tropical rainforests, towering mountains, a 272-mile-lone coastline and gorgeous botanical gardens. The architecture nods to a rich multicultural history, heavily leaning on Spanish tradition.  Stay in San Juan and enjoy historic tours, a vibrant nightlife, and old-world hotels. Or visit the go-to surfing spot, Rincon, and exchange vows barefoot on the beach. Want to horseback into the sunset? Puerto Rico is the place to do it. With the U.S. dollar as its official currency and English as its official language, this Caribbean island is an easy spot to visit for a dream wedding.


Destination Wedding Caribbean - St. Lucia


St, Lucia, a small paradise island part of the British West Indies, is a dream Caribbean destination-wedding spot for couples seeking picture-perfect scenery. From the papaya and mango orchards, endless beaches, hot springs, rainforests, palm-tree framed shorelines, volcanoes and waterfalls, this island is an outdoor-lover's dream. Extend your stay and spend your honeymoon exploring historical landmarks, including a pirate hideout on Pigeon Island.

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