Destination Wedding Invitations


Planning a destination wedding?  Here are a few things to consider when sending out invitations for a wedding far from home. Destination wedding invitations often capture the feel of the wedding, include important location and travel details, and need to be sent out earlier than traditional invites.


Destination Wedding Invitations: Who to Invite

Some couples are hesitant to invite people they assume won't be able to make the trip to their destination location. Unless you're keeping your guest list intentionally small, don't presume to know who will say no; your destination wedding might coincide with a dream vacation for some. If you're planning on having an at-home reception after the fact, let guests know when you invite them. It lets those who can't commit to travel feel free to decline guilt-free. Even if they can't attend, they'll be touched you thought of them. But if you crave an intimate wedding for only a handful of loved ones, create your guest list accordingly.  Budget carefully if you're picking up the tab. Destination weddings can be pricey.


Destinations Wedding Invitations: What to Include

When wording your destination wedding invitations, include that you understand if your prospective guest is unable to attend; be clear about which expenses you're covering and which expenses guests are expected to cover. Give as many details as possible. This may help them make their decision. If you're covering your guests' expenses, you'll be sending out a smaller number of invites; include any important information you'll need from them when booking travel arrangements and accommodations. Consult a travel agent about any information you'll need to gather from guests.


Destination Wedding Invitations: When to Send

Because guests will have to book off work, make travel plans, and budget for your big day away, send out the invitations early. Either send out your destination wedding invitations a month or two earlier than is standard (three or four months in advance instead of two), or send out your invites two months before the event following a much-earlier save-the-date.


Destination Wedding Invitations: Save-the-Dates

Save-the-dates give your guests a heads up about your wedding, allowing them to pencil in your wedding and to start planning for it accordingly. Send guests information about the location and the paperwork needed to visit the country. Notify them of any research you've done regarding group travel rates, rental car information, and hotel details. Respect their commitment to celebrate with you by helping out your guests as much as possible.


Destination Wedding Invitations: Style

With destination wedding invitations, you have the opportunity to capture the theme or location of your wedding in your stationary; inspire your guests with beach-themed details or an architectural design. Consider playing with shape and texture; a fan-shaped invite is perfect for a wedding in the hot sun. Adorn your invitations with seashells, vintage photographs or strands of beads. Get your guests excited about the destination and give them a peek into your wedding. Most importantly, be sure that the invitations reflect your personality as a couple.

Last Updated: September 6, 2014 at 12:32 am
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