Destination Wedding Locations


You know you want a wedding abroad, but have yet to narrow down your list of potential destination wedding locations.

Consider the time of year, your financial situation, and you and your fiancé's personal style when making location decisions. Maybe you'll want to visit a place that reflects your heritage, or a spot that already holds significance to the two of you. List your must-haves for your special day: do you want to exchange vows in a church or on the beach? Is the culinary experience important to you? Do you crave a tropical climate? Keep in mind that the farther away you go, the less accessible it will be to family and friends; the guest list needs to be a factor.

Consider some of the popular options below as we sort through promising destination wedding locations.


Destination Wedding Locations: Italy

Italy is one of Europe's most romantic countries. Rich in history and dressed with stunning architecture, this location of amore is perfect for food lovers, history buffs and romantics. Explore the countryside on bike, soak up the sun along the sandy coastline, ride in a gondola, visit Roman ruins and sip fine wines. Your guests will thank you for inviting them.


Destination Wedding Locations: Mexico

Affordable luxury resorts, scrumptious food, sun-kissed beaches and easy accessibility from the States make Mexico an easy, laid-back choice for a dream destination wedding location. Surfers and loungers alike enjoy the warm sun, and the easy pace and charming culture create the perfect honeymoon environment, too.

Destination Wedding Locations: Turks and Caicos

Channel your inner celebrity by hosting your nuptials at Hollywood elite's favorite getaway spot, Turks and Caicos. Located just south of the Bahamas, you'll find secluded beaches and private resorts promising a dream wedding on the beach. Snorkel, sip rum, and soak up the sun in style.

Destination Wedding Locations: Las Vegas

A destination wedding location doesn't have to be far from home. The urban couple might love incorporating Vegas' dazzling lights, bustling nightlife and never-ending parties into their wedding celebration. With countless chapels and on-site wedding planners available at a moment's notice, this fun city offers both kitschy venues and ritzy hotels for exchanging vows. While known for elopements, it's a vibrant locale for the well-planned wedding as well.

Destination Wedding Locations: Paris, France

Paris is the city of love. For the sophisticated bride, this jewel of a city offers world-class food, high fashion, and represents the ultimate in romance. The Eiffel Tower serves as a stunning backdrop for couples saying "I do" in one of the city's manicured parks, while others swap vows at the edge of the beautiful Seine River. Not to be overlooked, magnificent cathedrals offer the ultimate in opulent ceremonies.

Destination Wedding Locations: Hawaii

If you're looking for paradise, look no further; lush tropical landscapes, waterfalls and towering mountains will backdrop your dream day. Hold your ceremony on the beach, at a national park, or on a grassy knoll overlooking the ocean. Hold an authentic Polynesian luau to celebrate late into the warm evening.

Choose a place you love, do your research, and consider extending your destination wedding into your honeymoon getaway.  Consult a travel agent to ease the decision-making process; he'll be able to share travel secrets, let you know about group rates for guests, and can fill you in on marriage and residency requirements. Plot your travels wisely and have an unforgettable adventure as you make the greatest commitment of your life.

Last Updated: December 14, 2009 at 12:13 pm
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