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Destination Wedding Mexico


Mexico is a top destination wedding location. It's warm, luxurious, affordable and accessible, offering pristine beaches, desert landscapes, lush jungles and fascinating architectural sites. When considering Mexico as the spot for your nuptials, consider the following when narrowing down your Mexico destination wedding location options.


Destination Wedding Mexico - Acapulco


Acapulco has long been considered Mexico's number-one resort town. With stunning beaches and charming churches, there are endless ceremony locations at your fingertips. This gem of a spot offers countless activities for you and your guests: deep-sea fishing, an energetic nightlife, peaceful shoreline and luxury amenities. Live like a celebrity at this highly rated getaway locale.


Destination Wedding Mexico - Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas is home to the famous "Land's End" arch and rock formations, its region home to breathtaking lagoons, fascinating wildlife and azure ocean views. Found at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, this area of Mexico is one of natural majesty; designed as a tourist destination, the local wedding industry is equipped to offer couples their dream weddings by the ocean. Lover's Beach is a popular vow location, as towering rocks surround the couple. Adventurous newlyweds can explore the area on all-terrain vehicles or in kayaks, while history buffs will love the cultural diversity and Mayan history surrounding them.


Destination Wedding Mexico - Cancun


Cancun is considered by some to be the most romantic place on earth. This paradise resort overflows with lush tropical gardens, picture-perfect shorelines, ancient castles and temples, and a rich and inviting local culture. Contrasting with some of the more secluded spots nearby, Cancun also offers late-night parties echoing Latin rock music and joyous revelry, the perfect way to celebrate your exciting day.


Destination Wedding Mexico - Cozumel


Cozumel, unlike Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, was not a planned tourist destination.  Tourists slowly came to discover this island's reefs and clear waters, and Mexicans now deem the place a national treasure. Mayan culture and architecture continue to affect daily life in Cozumel, with traditional carnivals and customs enchanting visiting brides and grooms. For the couple looking for a subtropical getaway rich in tradition, Cozumel might be a dream destination-wedding locale.


Destination Wedding Mexico - Manzanillo


If you want luxury, consider Manzanillo for your Mexican destination wedding. Often featured on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," Manzanillo boasts one of the greatest golf courses in the world and is known as "the world capital of sail fishing." If you dream of a wedding at an exclusive resort, exchanging vows on a pristine beach and keeping your nuptials both laidback and high-end, Manzanillo might be the place for you.


Destination Wedding Mexico - Puerto Vallarta


A top Mexican destination, Puerto Vallarta offers the best of local dining, surfing and oceanfront living. Get married on the beach, at a hotel, at a favorite restaurant, or in a historic church.


Destination Wedding Mexico - Riviera Maya


If you want a beach wedding that's wedged between the Caribbean and the jungle, the Riviera Maya might be an irresistible wedding destination.  Explore the architectural ruins peppering this natural wonderland, or relax on the peaceful beaches.


Destination Wedding Mexico - Things to Know


As with any destination wedding, be sure to research the paperwork required to wed in Mexico before plotting your nuptial getaway. Visas, certificates and Mexican-performed blood tests will be needed; a certificate will cost around $230. If you're marrying a Mexican citizen, there will be more paperwork to process, so be sure to plan ahead.

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