Discount Engagement Rings


Discount Engagement Rings:

A discount engagement ring isn't a bargain if you're not satisfied with your purchase, either in terms of value or appearance. It's very important to do as much research as you can in advance of actually shopping for a discount engagement ring, so you'll have a better sense of what you're looking at and for. Look at engagement rings in stores, catalogs and online to figure out what kind of stone, design and setting you want.

Sometimes a good way to get a discount engagement ring is to buy a loose diamond from a wholesaler or dealer and then find a setting to match. Learn about diamonds, starting with the all-important 4Cs: carat (the weight/size of the diamond), clarity (whether or not the diamond has any flaws), color (actually, the absence of color - the best diamonds are as close to colorless as possible) and cut (the shape and/or facet arrangement). Find an independent appraiser whom you trust and bring them any stone or discount engagement ring you are considering.

Another factor that you need to keep in mind when buying discount engagement rings is the grading report or certificate that should come with every diamond. This should be issued by a professional diamond expert, and it verifies the 4Cs and other characteristics of the stone. When buying a discount engagement ring always make sure that you'll have the opportunity to get an independent appraisal. If this isn't an option, go elsewhere.


Where to find discount engagement rings:

If you're looking for a discount engagement ring, there are a number of places to go. It may sound like an odd place for something as valuable as an engagement ring, but warehouse stores sometimes offer discount engagement rings. Outlet stores are also worth checking out to see if they include discount engagement rings in their inventory, but the variety of available choices and sizes may be limited in these locations. Bear in mind as well that merchants selling discount engagement rings are less likely than fine jewelry stores to have trained salespeople who can offer you knowledgeable assistance.

It may also be possible to buy a discount engagement ring directly from a jewelry manufacturer. Look at the manufacturer's website or order a catalog to get a sense of available designs and find out if they offer discount engagement rings for direct sale. Online merchants are another resource for discount engagement rings. Many online transactions don't include sales tax, which could be a big savings on a purchase as substantial as an engagement ring. But there are several factors to consider if you're looking online for a discount engagement ring. For one thing, it's essential to check out the website to make sure that it's legitimate and reputable. Even a discount engagement ring represents a major investment, and this must be protected.

Also, if purchasing an engagement ring online - whether from a merchant, manufacturer or an online auction - you won't be able to see the ring until after you've bought it, so make sure there's a set-in-stone return policy.

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