Discount Wedding Favors


Discount wedding favors:

When you save money on discount wedding favors, you won't necessarily be scrimping on value. Since there has to be one wedding favor for each guest (or, at the very least, one for each couple or family), finding discount wedding favors is a very helpful way to stay within your wedding budget.


Discount wedding favors - where to look: 

When shopping for discount wedding favors, check out wedding, party and crafts stores - both brick-and-mortar retailers and online merchants. If there's a wholesale party or gift outlet nearby, go there first. Check online and in newspapers and bridal magazines for coupons that can cut the cost of discount wedding favors even further. If you're planning to give candy or chocolate to guests, shop at a warehouse store or bulk candy outlet (but avoid mall bulk candy shops, which charge very high per pound prices).


Dollar and closeout stores are also good places to look for discount wedding favors, and you may find some unique items you hadn't considered. However, bear in mind that  quantities may be limited at these locations. In that case, you can get an assortment of objects of similar value and give out a variety of discount wedding favors to your guests. Or, if the items are small in both price and size, make a "grab bag" of discount wedding favors and give several little things to each guest.


If you have enough planning time before the wedding, there are many clever ways to find discount wedding favors. Keep an eye out for clearance items or "2 for 1" specials. And look in stores and online for off-season sale items that would make good discount wedding favors. For example, after Easter many stores reduce holiday items by half price or more - pails and/or baskets can be put to use as discount wedding favor containers, and an added bonus, many of these are in pastel shades that often match a wedding color palette.


When ordering discount wedding favors online or through a catalog, be sure to remember that shipping costs will be added to the purchase price, as this can sometimes cut their bargain value considerably. Also don't forget to factor in added packaging prices - do the discount wedding favors have to be boxed or otherwise wrapped? If so, this means spending more money - and time, which can be just as valuable a commodity when planning a wedding.


There's a saying that "less is more," but when it comes to discount weddings favors, sometimes the opposite is true - you can often save money on an item if it's being bought in bulk. If, for example, you've spotted the perfect votive candles or trinket boxes that you want to give as wedding favors, ask the merchant if you can get a break on the price if you're planning to buy a large quantity. Many people will be amenable to this direct approach, and you'll be on your way to having terrific discount wedding favors. Don't be shy - there's another saying to keep in mind: "you don't ask, you don't get."

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