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Discount Wedding Invitations


Budget-conscious couples looking to cut costs often seek discount wedding invitations and save the date magnets. Fortunately, saving money doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or quality. Consider the following when looking to save on invitation expenses.


Discount Wedding Invitations: Do the Math


Before you shop for invitations, know your guest list. Don't buy more invitations that you need. Many invitations will be going out to couples or families, so you won't need as many invitations as actual invited guests. Have a few extra invitations on hand, but know the guest-list count before ordering your stationary.


Discount Wedding Invitations: Streamline the Inserts


Cut back on wedding invitation costs by streamlining the number of inserts in each envelope. Instead of including response cards and envelopes, have guests call or email their responses. If you use a response card, let it double as the menu-selection card if your reception offers guests dining options. Print reception information on the invitation instead of on a separate card; consult with your card provider to see what additional lines of text will cost on the invitations compared with the addition of inserts. Save on postage and hand-deliver local invites. Find small ways to save and cut corners that won't compromise quality.


Discount Wedding Invitations: Choose Simplicity


Save on invitations by choosing a simple design on quality paper. Flimsy paper looks cheap, but a streamlined design can still be chic and elegant. A simple monogram on a single card channels sophistication without breaking the bank. Be careful about invitation packages that include upgrades and features you don't need. Ask if you can deconstruct the package and save money by only purchasing what you require. When it comes to printing, opt for a simple flat print rather than splurging on letterpress, engraving or embossed textures.


Discount Wedding Invitations: Discounted Quality


Do your research.  If you know what you want, you'll likely be able to find a supplier with your dream stationery (or comparable) available at a discount. Last season's designs can be found online, and some low-overhead online shops have direct access to the manufacturers and can offer your designer brands at a lower cost than most traditional retailers. RSVP etc. Invitations is an online invitation shop that specializes in name-brand invitations, offering up to 35% off top brands.


If you're purchasing a lot of invitations, inquire about bulk discounts and promotions. Many retailers will reward you for your loyalty to their brand. Consider ordering all of your stationery from the same supplier. Not only will your thank-you cards and programs coordinate beautiful with the invitations, the likelihood of benefiting from a discount increases. Shop around and compare prices and deals, and let retailers meet or best their competitors' offers.


Discount Wedding Invitations: Do-It-Yourself


An obvious-but-challenging discount route for invitations is to make your own. See if do-it-yourself invitation packages will work with your vision for your day. If you have a design sensibility, or know a graphic designer, brainstorm and research your homemade options. Thanks to software, instructional books and classes, and online resources, brides have endless options when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind invitations that reflect their dream day. Calculate costs carefully and choose simple materials in appropriate amounts; do-it-yourself invitations can still be pricey if you're not careful.

Last Updated: February 23, 2010 at 10:24 am
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