DIY: Leaf Tag Favors and Escort Cards


The super talented Kimberly Canale over at Inspired Goodness sent over this fabulous Do it Yourself wedding project -- which we adore! Thanks Kimberly!

A fun way to add some pops of color to the wedding without spending a fortune is making use of seasonal fruits. Lemons, limes, pears, oranges and peaches can be used to lend some decorative accents in two interesting methods.




First, as favors, they can be left a top a menu card or napkin at each place setting Using a mixture of two tags is a fun way to add some dimension and get all of your messaging into one place. The large leaf should incorporate the bride and groom's name and the small one is perfect for featuring your wedding date.

Secondly, as escort cards, fruit can be artfully arranged on a table and placed in alphabetical order. This is perfect for last-minute shifting of guest. In the weeks leading up to the big day, spend time labeling each leaf with guest names and table numbers. Wait until your seating chart is finalized to match the correct table to each guest.

Try using fruits that not only work with your color palette, but have a special meaning to your location; Apples in Washington, Peaches in Georgia, Oranges in Florida...





For a fun DIY-twist, this project incorporates a coordinating set of scrapbook papers, which have been mixed and matched in a green-blue color palette.


  • DIY Leaf Template (you must have Adobe Reader installed to open this) 

  • Assorted scrapbook paper

  • X-acto knife or scissors

  • Pearl head pins: these come in lots of wonderful colors and are available at most fabric stores

Depending on what paper you use, 12 sets will cost about $0.55 - $1.00


  • Cut scrapbook paper to fit inside a standard home printer: 8.5" x 11"

  • Download the DIY Leaf Template

  • Print the template onto your cut scrapbook paper

  • Cut out each leaf shape

  • Mix and match patterns for an interesting look

  • Attach leaves (small on top of large) using head pins



  • Text can be added to the leaves in many software programs. Experiment with different fonts and layouts to get the right look for your event.

  • To keep the design casual, you may want to write directly on the scrapbook paper with your favorite pen, marker. They can also be embellished with rubber stamps.

  • Seek out a local farm stand for the best quality fruit you can afford. And be sure to ask if you can take your purchases home in one of their wooden crates. It makes a great piece to help add authentic style to your escort card table.

 See more fabulousness from Kimberly at her Inspired Goodness blog!





Last Updated: May 29, 2014 at 5:45 pm
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