DIY: Paper Leaves Inspiration


Who knew paper leaves could be so incredibly elegant as place settings, garland or even for trimming your cake plate? We are in love with leaves as the perfect accent for your festive table!


Card stock papers in desired shades
Metallic ink pad
Bone folder for scoring folds (especially helpful if your paper is a heavier card stock)

For table garland: Long strip of paper, about 1.5" wide and as long as desired garland length (you can glue several strips of paper together), pressed dried leaves and acrylic craft paint if desired

For place cards: alphabet stamps, small scraps of lace or tulle if desired


1. Draw a simple leaf on a sheet of scrap paper to make a leaf template. Trace on card stock and cut out leaves.

2. Lightly brush edges of leaves against the ink pad to add a gilded look to them. Set aside and make sure ink has dried before proceeding to step three.

3. Using a bone folder, score down the center of the leaf, starting at one point and stopping a little before you reach the opposite point. Fold the leaf in half along scored line.

4. For table garland: Glue leaves to strip of paper in clusters of three. Be sure to overlap leaves to create a full garland. If desired you can add real leaves to the garland for additional detail. The ones used here are pressed, dried bay leaves that have been painted bronze with acrylic craft paint.

5. For Place Cards: Glue two leaves together as shown and stamp with guest's initials. If desired add a layer of tulle over the unstamped leaf.

Last Updated: January 16, 2014 at 6:09 pm
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