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DIY: Ribbon Wands


Guests can wave these fun wands as you and your new spouse walk down the aisle to create a gorgeous scene. We used pretty shades of peach, pink, yellow, and orange but you can match yours to your wedding decor. We suggest leaving one on each chair at the ceremony with a note to guests to wave the wands at the end of the ceremony!


You will need:

Dowels or long wooden skewers


3/4 yard of ribbon in your wedding colors (we used narrow satin ribbon but seam binding ribbon is inexpensive and works great!)

Step #1: Cut the ribbon to about 3/4 yard.

Step #2 Tie the strands on the dowel. Use as many as you like. More ribbon offers more impact.






Last Updated: June 12, 2015 at 1:23 am
Tags: DIY, DIY Wedding
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