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DIY Table: Wallpaper Runner + Name Tags


Embellish your tables with wallpaper for a vintage yet modern touch. We found these wallpaper remnants (often sold for cheap through interior designers). They only look vintage! To play down the drama of the prints, we added modern table wear and mixed and matched the prints for a fresh and elegant look. As long as you stay within the same color family, you could choose different prints for all of your wedding tables!

Creating this table:

First, we added the most dramatic and colorful print as a table runner. We only needed to trim the ends, wallpaper is often just the perfect width for a runner.

We secured it with strong tape. For an extra hint of color and pattern, we made name cards out of a different paper with a contrasting pattern, but the same color. We kept the cards about 4 inches long (2 inches when folded) and 3 inches wide. We simply cut them to size using a straight edge and scissors.

Have fun creating this elegant pattern play for your wedding! 

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:47 am
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