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Do-It-Yourself or DIY wedding favors add a personal touch to this gesture of thanks from a bride and groom to their guests. Since they're handmade, DIY wedding favors are special, one-of-a-kind treats, even when they're common items like candles or cookies. If you have the time and ability to assemble DIY wedding favors, they're certain to be appreciated by everyone lucky enough to receive one.

DIY wedding favors are generally less expensive than purchased favors and often easy to put together - but bear in mind that it can take a lot of time and effort to produce and package DIY wedding favors. If possible, recruit family and close friends to help make DIY wedding favors - and turn the DIY wedding favors assembly line into a fun pre-wedding activity.

DIY Wedding Favors - the edible variety!

Cookies, muffins, sweets and other edibles are great DIY wedding favors. (If you're considering home-cooked DIY wedding favors, remember that many need to be made pretty close to the wedding date in order to retain their freshness.) Decorate cookies to match the theme or colors of the wedding. Or buy a heart-shaped cookie cutter and frost the cookies with the couple's monogram. Consider including a copy of the recipe and a cookie cutter as an added touch when packaging these DIY wedding favors.

Print customized labels for jars of homemade jam. Or cook up batches of fudge in a variety of mix-and-match flavors. The only problem with creating these tasty DIY wedding favors is fighting off the temptation to eat the scrumptious goodies and making sure there's enough left for the wedding guests!

Easy DIY Wedding Favors:

Even if you're not particularly crafty, there are many easy to make DIY wedding favors. Customize pillar and/or taper candles by using fabric glue to attach ribbon, rhinestones, silk flowers, beads, etc. Or use paint pens to decorate glass holders for tealights or votive candles and transform them into attractive DIY wedding favors.

Those paint pens can also be used on small terra cotta or ceramic pots - turn them into DIY wedding favors with the addition of small plants, seedlings, herbs or flower bulbs. Include instructions on the care and feeding of these special DIY wedding favors, and guests will have a living, lasting reminder of the event for weeks and even months to come.

If you're feeling adventurous, try making homemade soap to give as DIY wedding favors. You can also look online for easy "recipes" for bath salts, which can be made in big batches and packaged in jars or cellophane bags. Combine these with bags of hand-mixed potpourri in a basket of fragrant DIY wedding favors.

Turn custom-cut and decorated pieces of cardboard or card stock into several different DIY wedding favors. Bookmarks can be adorned with hand-written messages, a favorite quote or song lyric and/or paper appliqués. Make note cards by covering the front with a colorful collage of glued-on images. If you're handy with a sewing machine, sew scraps of fabric onto the front of the note cards. Trim them to fit the size of the card, and you've got "note-ably" unique DIY wedding favors.


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