Eco Friendly Wedding Favors


Eco Friendly Wedding Favors:

Everyone seems to be "going green" these days, and environmental awareness is showing up everywhere, including weddings - many couples are giving eco friendly wedding favors that show they care about the world as well as their guests.


 Eco Friendly Wedding Favors - edible!

Edible treats are easy eco friendly wedding favors. If possible, try to find local products or items like jams and preserves that have been made nearby. If you're giving packaged food as eco friendly wedding favors, consider free-trade coffee or chocolate or an assortment of organic herb teas. Also, keep packaging to a minimum or put the tasty eco friendly wedding favors in reusable tote bags.


 Eco Friendly Wedding Favors - live!

Plants and seedlings are eco friendly wedding favors that can last forever. Culinary herbs such as basil, oregano and chives grow nicely in small pots. If your wedding guests have their own yards, give them each a package of seeds to grow at home. Depending on the season, flower bulbs can be lovely eco friendly wedding favors that will bloom just a short time later. Plant the bulbs in decorative pots or give each guest a handmade fabric bag with several bulbs to plant themselves.


Eco friendly wedding favors don't have to fit in the palm of the hand - consider making a charitable donation to an organization in the names of your wedding guests. There are many worthy causes to choose from, whether socially- or environmentally-conscious or something with a personal connection to the bride and groom. Making a generous contribution can have an impact that will last longer than any conventional wedding favor.


If you're going to make a donation on behalf of your guests but still want to give tangible eco friendly wedding favors as well, go to a warehouse or discount store and buy enough CFL (company fluorescent light) bulbs to give one to each guest. Then make labels explaining about the organization you're making the contribution to and attach a label to each bulb with a small piece of string. Make these extra-eco friendly wedding favors by printing out the labels on recycled paper or, better yet, hand write them in colorful ink on the blank side of cut up cardboard dry good boxes.


A new idea in eco friendly wedding favors is buying carbon offsets instead of giving material favors. This is done by donating a calculated amount of money to compensate for the estimated quantity of carbon dioxide put out into the atmosphere by all the wedding festivities - people driving or flying to and from the destination, hotel utilities, food preparation, reception electricity, etc.


Carbon offset funding is directed towards projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, such as renewable energy,  and is growing in popularity as eco friendly wedding favors. But if you're considering investing in carbon offsets as eco friendly wedding favors, be sure to do research in advance to make sure the organization you choose is legitimate and can document the projects it supports., for example, is a not-for-profit company that works with "domestic and international renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions."

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Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:46 am
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