Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations


Eco-chic design is not only an environmentally responsible approach to wedding planning; it's a major style trend in the bridal industry. Retailers, suppliers and planners are excited to cater to environmentally friendly brides and grooms.  You can still have gorgeous paper invitations or save the dates without compromising your eco-awareness. Paper-free, recycled and partially recycled paper options let your print your designs on stationary that respects the planet. When designing and ordering your wedding invitations, consider the following eco-friendly options and resources.


Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations: Ecoluxe Paper Goods


Ecoluxe Paper Goods is a top resource for couples looking for eco-friendly stationary options. The online boutique has a wide selection of brands and designs, all of them encouraging environmentally aware paper practices. Beyond using recycled or tree-free papers, they also offer double-sided printing; you can print information on the back of your invites instead of inserting an additional card in your envelope.


The company supports businesses and brands that reflect its environmental priorities and work to promote a sustainable lifestyle. A portion of the profits goes to earth-focused charities and planting initiatives. Be sure to check out their exclusive designs by baron*cards.


Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations: Greenerprinter is a great resource for couples looking for eco-friendly printing options. Not only does it boast quality, this company prides itself in being an economical choice. You won't be paying extra for being environmentally responsible. Almost all of the paper options at Greenprinter have at least 80% recycled content, and the inks used to print are soy- and vegetable-based. Minimal chemical use, carbon-neutral printing and wind-power operations make this company a certified green business with all its emissions offset.


Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations: Botanical Paperworks


Botanical Paperworks offers tree-free plantable paper. The base fiber is cotton or 100% post-consumer waste, with the paper being made with wildflower seeds. The gorgeous designs are both eco-friendly and wonderful mementos for guests; guests can plant their invitations and watch annuals and perennials bloom as they remember your special day. When ordering, take note: because of the living elements in the paper, Botanical Paperworks doesn't recommend using laser printers as the heat will kill the seeds.


Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations: Smock


Smock is the only print shop in the United States to offer letterpress printing on luxury bamboo paper. For brides and grooms wanting gorgeous and sustainable invitations, Smock's designs might be their perfect invitation match. Bamboo is soft, thick and textured and is a renewable resource. It also grows without pesticides and requires very little water to grow. Bamboo is a beautiful paper option that is also a responsible one. All stationary is printed with vegetable-oil-based inks and citrus-based solvents, and Smock's operations are entirely wind-powered. One percent of their profits go to environmental organizations and couples are encouraged to donate trees when ordering from Smock.



Ecoluxe Paper Goods:

Botanical Paperworkds:


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