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Edible Wedding Favors


Edible Wedding Favors:


Edible wedding favors were one of the first ways in which couples expressed their thanks to wedding guests. It's possible that edible wedding favors were initially  given out in long-ago times because wedding guests often had a long journey back home after the festivities - so edible wedding favors offered some sustenance on the road for departing guests.

These days, edible wedding favors are most often candy or chocolate. Jordan almonds, a variation on a centuries-old Italian wedding custom, are one of the best-known edible wedding favors. Sugar-coated almonds were originally given to guests at Italian weddings as a way to symbolize the combined sweetness and bitterness of married life - today's Jordan almonds are candy-coated, which hopefully tips the scales for sweet years to come.

Just about any small candies can be packaged and given to guests as edible wedding favors. Many can be bought in bulk, which makes the edible wedding favors a good economical choice. When it comes to sweets, chocolate, jelly beans and mints are probably the most popular edible wedding favors. Chocolate edible wedding favors are available in lots of different forms: bars, individual pieces, novelty shapes, well-known brands like Hershey's kisses or M&M's (which can be personalized and ordered in custom colors), etc.

Couples who choose jelly beans as edible wedding favors often order them in the same color palette as the wedding - or, for greater variety and a little fun contrast, in an assortment of colors and flavors. These edible wedding favors can be easily packaged before the wedding or ordered pre-packaged with personalized labels.

Tins of mini-mints are fashionable edible wedding favors that can be personalized either when ordered or do-it-yourself with computerized labels. Wrap a few after-dinner mints in netting or in a small box and put these edible wedding favors at each place setting, or give them to guests when they leave at the end of the reception.

Another edible wedding favor that guests are sure to enjoy are cookies, either home baked or bought. Cookies can be baked in the shape of hearts, bells or wedding cakes and personalized with the couples' names and the wedding date. Custom fortune cookies also make terrific edible wedding favors. These can be ordered with special wedding-oriented messages or even with personalized fortunes from the bride and groom. And couples having small weddings might consider giving mini wedding cakes to each guest as edible wedding favors.

For couples having a destination or theme wedding, think about complementary edible wedding favors that guests would appreciate. For example, appropriate edible wedding favors at a country themed or situated wedding might be honey, homemade jam or preserves or seasonal goodies from a local orchard or farm stand.

Or, how about drinkable instead of edible wedding favors? Put together a mix-and-match assortment of packets of gourmet coffee, cocoa and/or herbal tea. These can be packaged in bags to be given to guests or placed inside a ceramic mug ... buy mugs to match the wedding colors or, if it fits within the wedding budget, personalize them with a photo of the bride and groom.

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