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Elegant Favors


Elegant Favors:

When couples give elegant favors to their guests, it gives an air of style and sophistication to the event - even if it's a casual wedding on the beach! Elegant favors can be simple or elaborate - and, best of all, they don't have to cost a lot of money.


Elegant favors - go vintage!

Vintage items can be excellent elegant favors. Old-fashioned holiday ornaments make great elegant favors for winter weddings - and can even be elegant favors at any time of the year. Custom-choose ornaments for theme weddings or look for pretty clear glass ornaments. Shop at thrift stores, flea markets and swap meets for small volumes of poetry or nicely-bound antique books on any subject. A hand-written message or favorite verse inside will add a personalized touch to these elegant favors. Vintage note cards or postcards can also be wrapped up and given as elegant favors.

Speaking of wrapping, careful packaging will always add a touch of class to wedding favors and can turn just about anything into elegant favors. Simple net bags can be transformed into elegant favors with the addition of a few well-placed, glued-on rhinestones or delicate satin flowers. If you're using square favor boxes, get boxes that have glossy outside finishes and tie them closed with stylish ribbon in complementary hues.


Elegant favors - returning to tradition

Centuries ago, small boxes made of precious materials were given as favors at posh European weddings - but you don't have to be royalty to carry out this custom today by giving elegant favors of small porcelain or glass boxes. Buy one kind for everyone - different ones for men and women, of course - or choose a variety to mix things up. Grateful wedding guests will be using these elegant favors for a long time to come.

Another option is to place small bud vases - either glass or ceramic - with a few blooms at each place setting, and these can serve a double purpose: guests can take the vases home as elegant favors, and the small flower arrangements can be used instead of a centerpiece. If you want to give vases as elegant favors but still want a centerpiece on each table, use the same flowers in the bud vases and centerpiece.

Wine or champagne glasses can be elegant favors, but these might work best for smaller weddings, since it can be costly and a bit unwieldy to distribute these elegant favors to a large number of guests. If you're choosing wine glasses as elegant favors, give them out as guests are leaving, or else they might be mistakenly used and dirtied during the reception - this is also a good way to ensure that none of these elegant favors are accidentally broken!

For evening or winter weddings, look for elegant favors made of silver - these elegant favors don't have to be too pricey if they're silver plated or bought at discount or warehouse stores. Coasters, bottle stoppers, key chains, small picture frames and other items that are readily available in silver are elegant favors that are guaranteed to be put to use by appreciative recipients.

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