Elegant Wedding Invitations


Elegant weddings dictate elegant wedding invitations. Set the tone for your gorgeous affair with stationery that captures the romance and formality of your wedding. Find inspiration from all things traditional, timeless and delicate, and consider the following when you're looking to purchase elegant wedding invitations.


Elegant Wedding Invitations: Design and Layout


Elegant wedding invitations are often rooted in traditional style.  The heavy card stock is typically white, cream or ivory, enhanced with sophisticated accents and beautiful textures. Understated hues and clean lines make for timeless invitations. Embossing, with designs pushed up from the paper to create a textured image without ink or foil, is a subtle way to add beautiful motifs to your invitations. Likewise, debossing creates an indented image that is equally as effective. An embossed image and a debossed border can work well together on the same invitation. Artistic floral designs and monograms embellish without distracting, while intricate borders evoke Old World elegance.


Elegant wedding invitations can come in a variety of layouts. A refined non-folding card is especially chic, but even a contemporary pocketfold invitation with coordinating inserts can suit the most formal of weddings.


Elegant Wedding Invitations: Fonts and Wording


Many classically elegant wedding invitations use typefaces that mirror calligraphy; scripted and handwritten fonts are romantic and old-fashioned. Modern elegance permits clean, unfussy fonts, often printed in classic black. Mix script and block style lettering to achieve a custom elegant design.

Elegant wedding invitations typically use formal or traditional wording. Incorporate traditional style while making it your own; update a classic wording template to reflect your personality as a couple. The polished typeface will compensate for nontraditional working.


Elegant Wedding Invitations: Printing


Engraving is the more formal of the wedding invitation printing techniques; an etched plate is pressed into the back of the card stock, creating raised lettering on which the ink is applied. For additional glamour, have gold or silver leaf applied with this technique. Thermography resembles engraving, but costs less. This involved ink powder being heated to create raised text.


A popular and widely available printing option is letterpress, which gives wedding invitations a handcrafted, vintage appeal. The text is imprinted onto the page. This requires the same weight of card stock as engraving and looks best with softer ink colors like browns; bold hues can look dull when pressed into pulpy paper.


Elegant Wedding Invitations: Embellishment


Adorn your elegant wedding invitations with beautiful details. Small crystals or pearls used to outline a monogram or accent an image can add extra glamour to your invites. Touches of lace or silk bring romance to the paper, as do overlays and ribbon wraparounds.


Elegant Wedding Invitations: Envelopes


Consider having your elegant wedding invitations sent in envelopes lined with lace or silk; a personalized seal adds a unique touch to your crisp envelopes. Consider addressing your invitations with calligraphy. The classic appeal of elegant handwriting will only add to the anticipation of attending your beautiful wedding.

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