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Engagement Ring Set


Engagement ring set:

Instead of buying an engagement ring and then later purchasing a wedding band, some couples choose to get an engagement ring set, which consists of an engagement ring and matching wedding band. Engagement ring sets are also called bridal sets or wedding sets. When a couple gets an engagement ring set, the engagement ring is worn alone until the marriage ceremony; it's usually taken off during the ceremony (or moved to the other hand) so the wedding band can be used when vows are exchanged. From then on, the two rings in an engagement ring set are worn together; in fact, they're often designed to fit snugly together.


Benefits of an engagement ring set:


Many jewelry manufacturers and merchants offer engagement ring sets, so there are many options from which to choose. The choice can seem overwhelming, so couples thinking of an engagement ring set should do some window shopping in advance to get an idea of what's available in their price range and what kind of design and setting they want. One advantage of getting an engagement ring set is knowing that the engagement ring and wedding band are of the same, matching metal, so they'll always complement each other.

An engagement ring set can feature a solitaire diamond in one ring, with or without accent stones, and a wedding band lined with smaller, same-cut stones. Emerald cut, princess (square) and round diamonds are the most popular choices for stones in engagement ring sets. While it's not unusual for wedding bands in engagement ring sets to include diamonds, in many cases, the wedding ring is a plain metal band. An engagement ring set can be set in white or yellow gold or platinum, depending on preference and budget.

Even though you're buying two rings at once, purchasing an engagement ring set can sometimes be less expensive than buying separate rings. Jewelers often have special deals on engagement ring sets, and they're also generally available at department stores or discount locations. Most websites selling diamond jewelry offer a variety of engagement ring sets as well.

Most engagement ring sets are two separate rings, but sometimes an engagement ring set is one ring made to looks like an engagement ring on top of a wedding band. In these designs there may even be a space in the top half between the two bands, but the back portion is one solid band. Like engagement ring sets that are made of two rings, there can be diamonds in both parts or just diamonds in the engagement ring top part and a solid wedding band in the bottom.

When shopping for an engagement ring set, there might be an option for a three-piece or trio set of rings, which includes a matching wedding band for the groom. This kind of one-stop shopping can relieve some of the pressure (one less pre-wedding decision to make!) and create a lovely symbol of the couple's unity - but many couples select an engagement ring set and then buy a completely different wedding band for the groom, reflecting each person's taste and own individual style.

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