Exotic Honeymoons


Want an exotic honeymoon getaway after saying "I do"? Pack your bags and head to a dream destination far from home where you'll find relaxation, adventure and memorable moments to last a lifetime.


Exotic Honeymoons: St. Lucia


Follow the celebrity trendsetters to St. Lucia. This is an affordable alternative to neighboring St. Barts and offers accommodations in charming seaside cottages, with tropical rainforests to explore and tranquil beaches to enjoy.


Exotic Honeymoons: Deccan Odyssey


If you want a unique exotic honeymoon to brag about, consider hopping on the Deccan Odyssey. Experience the adventure of an old-world train ride across the Indian province of Maharashtra. Your one-week trip will take you to historic palaces, museums and forts. Travel through time and culture on this heritage train tour and indulge in Indian cuisine in one of the romantic dining cars.


Exotic Honeymoons: Nice, France


Stay in Nice, a short drive from the ultra-expensive Saint-Tropez. This French Mediterranean town has quaint cafes, beautiful beaches and plenty of Cote d'Azur charm.


Exotic Honeymoons: Maldives


The secluded Maldives islands in the Indian Ocean are perfect for finding romance and privacy at the other side of the world. Ultra-private villas sit on private stretches of beach that offer scuba diving, snorkeling, and moonlit walks for two. This is where you go if you're looking for a relaxing vacation away from the excitement of the city.


Exotic Honeymoons: South Africa


Experience a whole new world in South Africa. Visit the vibrant Cape Town nestled below magnificent mountains. From there, head to nearby Fairview and sample the incredible wines and cheese. Check out the quaint villages surrounded by grasslands. The beaches, monkey-inhabited forests, lush vineyards and stunning wildlife preserves all make up a land that seems to include, as it's so often called, " a world in one country." Go on a safari with your spouse and return home with stories of lions, giraffes and elephants.


Exotic Honeymoons: Marrakech, Morocco

This mysterious and exotic city offers a sensory experience not replicated elsewhere. The scent of cumin and mint, the snake charmers, the bustling markets and the imperial palaces mesmerize, while the 12th-century walls that surround the old part of the city will inspire history buffs and curious tourists alike. Prepare to haggle as you shop for rugs, brass, jewelry and ceramics, and then stop by Place Djemaa el-Fna, the ancient gathering place, and get swept up in the excitement of jugglers, acrobats, monkey tamers, storytellers, dancers, fire-eaters and friendly food vendors.


Exotic Honeymoons: Athens, Greece


Visit Athens, the oldest city in the world. This cultural center is a historical must-see. Explore the stunning ruins from centuries past, climbing up the famous Acropolis to witness the architectural gem that is the Parthenon.

While you'll be steeped in history, the still bustling city is very much alive; enjoy the vibrant nightlife any night of the week.


Exotic Honeymoons: Madrid, Spain


Madrid, the charming Spanish capital, is the city that never sleeps. Its laidback Mediterranean vibe and urban sensibility is perfect for the cosmopolitan couple on honeymoon. Brush up on your Spanish and art knowledge at Museo del Prado. The Jardin Botanico next door is a stunning garden in the middle of the beautiful city. Enjoy tapas in the town square, or head to Plaza Mayor and people-watch at the historical spot.

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