Fall Wedding Favors


Fall Wedding Favors:

Couples getting married during the autumn months can choose fall wedding favors that reflect the vibrant colors of the season. Or they can pick fall wedding favors that are reminders of falling autumn leaves, brisk seasonal scents or holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween.


Edible Fall Wedding Favors:

Best of all, perhaps, are edible fall wedding flavors. Small jars of honey or maple syrup can be personalized with labels featuring the couple's names and wedding date. Organic jams, preserves, fruit butters, apple cider mix or even gourmet mustards would also be appetizing fall wedding favors. (Include attractive spreaders as a "tasteful" added touch.)

Leaf-shaped chocolates would make scrumptious fall wedding favors. For other sweet fall wedding favors, wrap autumn colored jelly beans or M&M's in a trick-or-treat style bag.  Peanut brittle, maple leaf sugar candy, glazed nuts and/or bags of trail mix also make terrific and tasty fall wedding favors. Or buy or bake mini zucchini breads, single-serving pecan pies, pumpkin pies or fruit tarts, wrapped in orange-tinted plastic and served up as fall wedding favors.

Chocolate may be the yummiest item when it comes to leaf-shaped fall wedding favors, but it isn't the only thing that comes in this popular autumn design. Look for soaps and candles in different leaf shapes, refrigerator magnets with autumn leaf designs, key chains, etc. - these can be given singularly or as a group of fall wedding favors.


 Fall Wedding Favors styling:

Fall wedding favors can be wrapped in simple paper bags that are decorated with dried flowers or fallen leaves and tied closed with raffia or autumn-colored yarn. Dried flowers and leaves can also be glued onto candles, which make especially handy fall wedding favors, since days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer (and chillier!) at that time of year. Buy an assortment of candles in different sizes and seasonal colors like yellow, orange, brown, red and gold. If you're buying or making scented candles as fall wedding favors, cinnamon, clove, ginger and almond would be good choices.


Speaking of scents, potpourri fall wedding favors can add a fresh aroma to homes closed up during cold weather months. Tulle netting in fall colors can be filled with potpourri, tied tight with raffia and given as sachets. Small trinket boxes can also be filled with potpourri as fall wedding favors, or special ceramic holders with small holes can be purchased to hold the potpourri.


Even though autumn is associated with leaves falling from trees and hints of a cold, stark winter, plants and other natural or living things can be given as fall wedding favors. Flower bulbs planted in the fall bloom into beautiful springtime flowers; put the bulb(s) in pots or fabric bags, with instructions for planting, and include a photo of the lovely flower it will transform into - something to look forward to during the cold winter months ahead. Seedlings and packages of seeds are popular fall wedding favors, both for flowers and vegetables. Seed packets can often be ordered with customized, personalized labels. Mini pumpkins and decorative gourds also make lovely fall wedding favors that guests can display at their homes throughout the season.

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