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Finding a Wedding Band to Match Your Engagement Ring


By Project Wedding staff for our sponsor, Blue Nile 

One of the wonderful things about choosing your wedding bands: there are no set rules! You can be as creative as you like and it's all about what speaks (or shines) to you!

Remember that this ring is forever -- so choose a style that you could envision wearing 20 years from now. That said, here are some stylish and popular options of bands that will look fantastic with your brand new engagement ring!

When it comes to wedding bands, you can never go wrong with the traditional, smooth-lined band. This classic style looks amazing and fits snugly with nearly any style of engagement ring, including solitaire, three-stone or five stone engagement rings. You will love this band for years to come!


This pave-set diamond band is another heartwarming option, which looks stunning when accompanying a pave diamond engagement band of the same size. There are all different shapes and sizes of pave diamond bands to match your unique engagement ring. There is always the option to add some sparkle to a plain engagement ring setting as well!


It's the blingin' band that really makes a statement! Brides love this eye-catching diamond eternity ring, with its sculpted-edge band. It looks gorgeous when paired with a plain engagement band, and could clash a bit with certain pave-style engagement rings so make sure you try it on first to see the set together.

Brides, including actress Zooey Deschanel, are opting to bring a burst of color to their ring fingers with this channel set, sapphire and diamond ring. It's a great compliment to either a channel-set or plain band engagement ring.

Similar to the pave-setting, the diamonds are placed differently into this channel-set diamond wedding band. It has a very polished appearance and looks best when paired with a channel-set engagement ring. It also works beautifully with a plain band as well.

If you want to go "custom," this prong-set diamond curved wedding ring is made specifically to align with your engagement diamond. It looks amazing when paired with a plain banded engagement ring.

Other favorites:

The whimsical, starlight diamond eternity ring is creative, playful and adds personality to a traditional engagement ring.

We are in love with these radiant rubies in this channel-setting ring!

This trio micropave diamond band, with three rows of diamonds, is to die for! We love that you could wear this without the engagement ring and it is simply stunning.

Images courtesy: Blue Nile

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:07 am
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