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Garden Wedding Favors


Garden Wedding Favors:

When wedding ceremonies and receptions are held outdoors, garden wedding favors are one way to enhance this already special setting. Whether you're lucky enough to live somewhere with a year-round mild climate, getting married in the spring or summer or traveling to an exotic outdoor locale for a destination wedding, there are elegant, easy and affordable garden wedding favors to fit every venue.

Couples have outdoor weddings to take advantage of beautiful, natural elements, so consider seeds and potted plants or flowers as garden wedding favors. Seeds often come in delightfully colored packages, or they can be specially packaged in custom-labeled packets or bags. Choose a variety of flowers and herbs - or, if you know that your guests have enough space at home, include vegetable seeds as well.

Plants can be purchased as seedlings and small potted plants at nurseries and home improvement stores - buy them in cost-saving groups or flats, then break them down into individual garden wedding favors. Small ceramic pots are easy to find at discount, warehouse and dollar stores and make attractive garden wedding favors containers; look carefully and you can probably find pots to match your wedding colors.

Flower bulbs, either planted singularly in pots or a few gathered in fabric bags, are also lovely garden wedding favors - when they burst into colorful bloom several weeks or months later, guests will remember your wedding with an appreciative smile. And if plants or flowers aren't a practical choice for garden wedding favors, think about using favor tags that are made of seed cards, which give guests the option of planting them once they return home.

Mini watering cans are charming garden wedding favors, either as an accompaniment to plants and seeds or on their own. They can be decorative or useful - or both. Fill watering cans or small plant pots with chocolates or candies or Jordan almonds in bright springtime colors. If you're crafty and have time, paint floral patterns on the cans or pots or personalize them with the name of each guest.

Bud vases with a few fresh flowers at each place setting can be taken home by guests as garden wedding favors. These can be used instead of one big centerpiece at each table, or the flowers in the bud vases can be the same as those included in the centerpieces. However, if the reception is being held outdoors and there's the possibility of wind, you might want to think twice about bud vase garden wedding favors - even with some water inside, they're generally small and light enough to be blown over by a strong breeze.

Candles are another "bright" idea for garden wedding favors. Look for candles that are shaped or scented like flowers or gel candles that have flowers "floating" inside. Or choose simple, classic tapers and tie them with multi-hued ribbons that match the centerpiece flowers. Tealights in vibrant glass holders also can be given as garden wedding favors - an especially good choice at evening receptions that already feature these same delicate lights.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:50 pm
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