Great Spots for Wedding Photos in New York


New York is arguably America’s premier city.  Everyone from business leaders to songwriters, from sports figures to performing artists, from fashion moguls to international travellers hold New York in the highest esteem.  In a word, it is the model that sets the standard for other cities.  In this city that never sleeps, you can find literally hundreds of choices for the big event, with a wide variety of prices, décors and locations.  So, it is easy to find any number of suitable reception sites and photo spots, but finding the perfect match is challenging.  Here are some suggestions and a thumbnail sketch of each.


In the more modest range:


·       City Hall, 131 Duane St. ($90 and up, per person) It has a beautifully appointed Rose Roomand Grande Room, which can be used together to accommodate up to 500 guests.  The backdrop of iron-built style and Corinthian columns coalesce to offer up memorable photo opportunities.


·       Bryant Park Grill, 25 West 40th St.  ($100 and up) Don’t let the name fool you.  Here, your photos can catch a broad sweep of the city’s skyscrapers in the background and shade trees in the foreground.  Located in the city’s only mid-town park, next to the New York Public Library, Bryant’s also features a rooftop deck and a quiet private garden;


·       91, 91 Horatio St. ($100 and up).  Bills itself as ideal for small weddings.  Capacity for 150 guests.  Although there are no guest accommodations, there is a bridal suite.  Brick arches, high ceilings and flexible décor make this a photogenic environment;


·       3 West Club, 3 West 51st St. ($115-$135) Near St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Centre.  Accommodates 160 guests.  With four different interior settings to choose from and a knockout ambience outside, it is a photographer’s delight;


·       Terrace on the Park, 52-11, 111th St.  ($120s and up) Your photos are bound to impress with a ballroom of 14 stories high and breathtaking skylines.  The exterior is unique as well;


A little pricier, with more cachet: 


·       Landmark on the Park.  Located in the Upper-West Side of Manhattan.  Its marble floors and historic setting, as well as its impressive exterior, invite photos galore.  You will also get some off-guard shots on the dance floor since it boasts an outstanding sound system;  


·        Columbia University Faculty House.  Popular venue since it is within walking distance of four churches.  It can accommodate up to 250 guests.  Unmatched charm and downplayed elegance make for great photo opportunities;


·        Tavern on the Green.  Near Central Park.  20-1500 guests can be accommodated, with 6 different rooms.  Stained-glass and hand-carved mirrors greet the eye everywhere.  Stunning view of Central Park and an outside charisma create an unbeatable photo milieu;


·        The Central Park Boathouse, East 72nd St.and Park Drive North.  Indoor photo shots in the Loeb Boathouse Restaurant, with views spilling outside to Central Park and the city skyline, as well as unforgettable scenes of swans and boats; 


The Crème de la Crème...put your name on list well in advance; this will give you time to save up for the costs: 


·        Broad Street Ballroom, City’s Financial District.  5700 square feet, seating for 300, with state-of-the art audio-visual and a 22’x22’ projection screen.  Offers multiple angles and motifs for photos;


·        The Puck Building. 295 Lafayette St.  Romanesque Revival Style.  Contains 5 acres under one roof, including the Skylight Ballroom (250 guests) and the larger, breathtaking Grand Ballroom (1,000 guests).  Probably the city’s most notable landmark;


·        The 21 Club, in the Heart of Manhattan.  Showcases itself as classy elegant.  Its famous guest list, its nonpareil décor and dazzling overall effect make a photographer’s heart race;  


·        Oheka Castle, one hour from Manhattan.  Only allows one wedding per day and has only 32 guest rooms.  Voted best place to get married.  Modelled after French chateaus.  Lavish grounds and entrance.  Splashy but intimate.  Guaranteed to tire out the photographer.


So, get busy New Yorkers and find your perfect wedding photo venue.







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