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Groom wedding cake:

A groom wedding cake - often called a groom's cake and sometimes a groom's wedding cake - is a tradition that dates back to the Victorian era in England. For a long time, the groom wedding cake was popular mostly in the Southern United States, but in recent years it has been showing up at weddings from coast to coast.


Groom wedding cake - where it all started:

When the custom of a groom wedding cake was first introduced, slices were boxed up and given to the unmarried women who were at the wedding. Each woman was then supposed to put her box underneath her pillow that night - and, legend had it, she would then dream of the man she was going to marry. Nowadays, everyone is entitled to a slice of the groom wedding cake, but it's still common practice to slice it up and box individual pieces for guests to take home.

Originally, the groom wedding cake was a fruitcake. That's no longer exclusively the case, but groom wedding cakes still tend to be dark - chocolate or red velvet cakes are frequent choices. Rum, brandy and other liquor flavorings are also often used in a groom wedding cake. Unlike the flowers and flourishes of a traditional wedding cake, the decorations on a groom wedding cake are usually designed to reflect the groom's heritage, profession, hobbies, favorite sports team or another of his interests. Groom wedding cakes have been fashioned in the shape of baseballs, footballs, basketballs, hockey pucks - any piece of sports equipment imaginable! In fact, sometimes it's not unusual for the groom wedding cake to be as elaborately decorated as the wedding cake itself.

The groom wedding cake is generally given as a gift from the bride to the groom. Even so, some grooms pick out the cake themselves, but many brides don't tell their fiancés how the groom wedding cake is going to be designed, so it's a surprise for the guys when they first see it. The groom wedding cake is often served as dessert at the rehearsal dinner, but there's no established rule about when to serve a groom wedding cake. Some couples save the groom wedding cake for an after-party treat for the wedding party and close friends and family. When it's part of the main wedding reception, the groom wedding cake is displayed alongside the traditional wedding cake, which is sometimes called the "bride's cake". Whenever the groom wedding cake is served, it's customary for the groom to be the one doing the cutting and serving.

If the groom wedding cake is sliced and served during the reception, couples can still follow the tradition of boxing pieces for guests to take home - all the guests, not just the unmarried women. These can even serve as wedding favors; if couples decide to do this, they might want to attach attractive charms or other items to the ribbons, make sure the boxes for the groom wedding cake match the theme colors of the wedding or use attractive, eco-friendly packaging that the guests can re-use.

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