Have the Toast/Speech Check In


If you think horrific best man toasts with rosy cheeks and slurred speech is a myth - ask any bride and groom who have literally stopped talking to their best friends for inappropriate and tasteless humor. While a little chuckle here and there creates ever-lasting memories, there is a fine line between making a fleeting joke and flat-out insulting or embarrassing the newlyweds. This is why more couples are interested in steering the people most likely to give a toast/speech with a check in.

Why Do We Toast?

The best man is not the only person expected or honored with the responsibility of toasting the newly wed couple. The wedding party, family and friends may all join in on giving praise and sharing memories regarding the bride and groom. The wedding reception is not the only moment that a toast/speech is given. A wedding toast/speech is also given at the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding breakfast or luncheon, and of course, at the reception.

A wedding toast/speech doesn't have to cause stress. While some people prefer to write their own lines, others simply share a poem, quote, or touching memory. This is the time when parents acknowledge their new son- or daughter-in-law. Best friends acknowledge that they approve of their companion's choice for a soul mate. The bride and groom may toast one another and take the time to thank their wedding party and family for coming to support their union.

A wedding toast/speech also sets the mood for an entire evening and provides the perfect entryway for a reception or other wedding-related occasion filled with fun.

Wedding Toast/Speech Etiquette

When it comes to the wedding toast/speech, the two most popular ways to approach this task involves sentimental toasts and humorous toasts. Usually, the best man is expected to drum up a few laughs, but this is not always the case. Fathers of the bride have stepped up to the plate and have been able to encourage tears of laughter, as well as joy. In order to make sure your special moment is not ruined by spur-of-the-moment babbling and inappropriate material, you can tastefully email, hint around, or send a wedding toast/speech etiquette list to invited guests. A few examples include:

  • Keep Toasts Within 2-Minute Range - Don't talk forever.

  • Avoid Inappropriate Stories - Leave behind tales about the 'wild and crazy' times before matrimony. No one wants to hear about them at a wedding.

  • No Foul Language - Keep in mind that little children and the elderly are most likely present.

  • No One-Way Toasts - If you mention the groom, it is only fitting to mention the bride as well.

Last Updated: December 30, 2008 at 7:19 am
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