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Your wedding is a day filled with friends, love ... and lots of standing! You'll need a comfortable pair of bridal shoes ... enter Hey Lady! These gals add the cute to comfort with their lovely line of wedding shoes!

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About Hey Lady:

Always known as the Leung Twins, Emily and Jessica Leung grew up through the decades the perfect pair. In the 80's it was side ponies and keds, 90's baby dolls and Doc Martens, and finally the turn of the century they evolved to premium denim and skinny stilettos. But now more than ever, more than their Blackberries and big bags, they can't live without style and comfort. What is one without the other? As their mom would say, "Half the fun."

It all began with a series of not so well-heeled events, only to be confirmed on a run when they had their second in a lifetime ESP moment. Cross-country tracksters turned occasional marathoners, the girls have endured their share of bodily injuries but none more so than from those in heels.

First came Vegas. Jessica blacks out from the "good pain" of dancing until 3am and had to be "that girl" carried to her room. Emily confirms that it was only one glass of champagne in the five hour marathon. The next day, the twins and all their girls had to go shoe shopping because their feet swelled a size and a half up. The shoe addicts realized they were not alone.

Then came Jessica's (First) Big Day- the perfect hair, perfect dress, and not so perfect shoes. Former fashion exec Jessica refused to wear something stiff and "dyeable" eventhough "nobody could see them." After a year of searching, there were no wedding shoes that didn't remind her of puffed taffeta and polyester suits. Since she couldn't have style, she settled for generic metallic and whatever made her tallest. She vowed never to settle again, through sickness and health, ‘til death do they part.

And then finally came a sign from shoe heaven. What were they thinking that would change bridal options as we know it? What were they both thinking at the exact same time? "There needs to be an anti-dyeable, actually-danceable wedding shoe."

Why can't we have it all? Looking great and feeling even better- what a truly fabulous, functional shoe should do. The twins believe in pro-choice, the choice to have a killer shoe that isn't a killer shoe. And thus the perfect pair was born.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:11 pm
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