Honeymoon Deals


Looking for honeymoon deals? With a little research and some strategic planning, you can cut honeymoon costs significantly.


Honeymoon Deals: Use an Agent

Budget-conscious couples may be tempted to book their honeymoon without consulting a travel agent, but there are definite advantages to recruiting honeymoon-planning help. A travel agent can help you find deals, especially if you're flexible in terms of destination, pointing out options you may not have considered. If all you're looking for is a hotel on the beach, a travel agent may be able to offer you an irresistible honeymoon package.


Honeymoon Deals: Frequent Flier Miles

Some couples strategically use credit cards when paying for their wedding to help finance the honeymoon. Cash in your frequent flier miles to pay for airfare, or use points to upgrade to first class. Look into any point programs you're part of and see how you can channel points into honeymooning luxury.


Honeymoon Deals: Honeymoon Registry

Have guests contribute to your honeymoon by setting up a honeymoon registry. You can do this through the resort you're booking, or through an independent registry agency. In lieu of traditional gifts, your wedding guests can help pay for your airfare, accommodations, or finance specific activities and upgrades to make your honeymoon even more memorable.


Honeymoon Deals: Off-Season and Shoulder Season

Booking your honeymoon in the off-season is usually a cheaper option, but you're likely to sacrifice things like optimal weather conditions. If you're not interested in booking your dream destination during the off-season, consider a shoulder season, shortly following peak season. The crowds won't be there, the prices will be more reasonable, and the weather will still be lovely.


Honeymoon Deals: All-Inclusive

If you're craving a resort or cruise honeymoon, you're likely to find great all-inclusive deals. One of the major advantages to the all-inclusive honeymoon is that you'll know exactly what to budget for your honeymoon. Be sure to read the fine print and find a package that best suits your vacationing style.


Honeymoon Deals: Transportation

When planning your honeymoon, consider booking flights on off-peak days of the week. Check with hotels as to whether they provide airport pickup. While taxis are convenient modes of transportation in foreign cities, consider using public transportation; not only will you save money, you'll also experience the flavor of a new city.


Honeymoon Deals: Book Early or Last-Minute

Cruises and resorts often offer packages at discounts for those booking considerably in advance or at the last-minute. If you have a long engagement and know where you want to visit, research deals as soon as possible. Conversely, if your plans are flexible as to destination, consider waiting for last-minute deals by cruise lines hoping to fill their last available spots.


Honeymoon Deals: Cheap Rooms

Even if your hearts are set on a specific hotel or resort, consider asking about their cheaper rooms. Sacrificing window views from where you sleep may cut costs significantly; you'll still benefit from all the hotel has to offer, just not from your room. If you're okay with luxury outside of your suite rather than within it, you'll have more cash to spend on spa treatments and romantic candlelit dinners for two.


Honeymoon Deals: Speak Up

When planning and booking your honeymoon, always mention that you're honeymooning. Special treatment, upgrades and free drinks may be offered just to celebrate your status as newlyweds.

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