Paris Honeymoon


If you're planning a Paris honeymoon, there are so many options for beautiful places to visit. With this guide for your honeymoon destination, Paris, you can be sure that you've packed the right things, booked the right hotel and are set to see the best sights.

The Paris Honeymoon: What to Pack 

No matter what time of year your Paris honeymoon is scheduled for, you will probably encounter overcast and weather on the cooler side.  Even in the summer, Paris rarely reaches above 80 degrees.  Be sure to pack sweaters or a light jacket incase you get a chill.  For nights out or when catching a show, slacks and a button up shirt for your husband is fine; for you, a dressy but casual skirt or dress will do.  Don't forget your camera - there are many beautiful sights to capture in Paris.  Also, with all the romance in the air - don't forget to pack special nighttime attire!

Paris Honeymoon: Where to Stay 

There are many different hotels in Paris that are absolutely gorgeous and fit into all price ranges.  One of your best options is to check with your vacation planner about package deals to save money.  Many of these special offers include extras for newlyweds, such as guided tours.  However, the Four Seasons George V Paris is perfect for those looking for an exquisite choice in lodging. 

With a terrace view of the Eiffel Tower and all the comforts of home, this hotel is definitely a winner.  If you want something that is more lavish and guaranteed to impress, try the Coco Chanel suite at the Ritz in Paris.  Situated a short distance from the Musee d'Orsay, you will enter total luxury. It's definitely a splurge with a luxurious price tag around $4,000 a night!

Paris Honeymoon: What to Do 

If you're staying in Paris and have never been to the Louvre Museum, it's a must.  However, choose just a few pieces of art that you really want to see. It actually takes more than a week to thoroughly cover the entire museum.  Spend an afternoon or devote a whole day, checking out pieces like Da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa while you're there.  With an endless selection of historical sites, delicious bistros and romantic restaurants - there is no end to the activities available.  Many package deals include activities for newlyweds, so be sure to inquire about honeymoon specials when calling for your hotel!

There's no denying it - a Paris honeymoon is a romantic opportunity to spend a few luxurious days with your new hubby.  Enjoy!

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